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Ah finaly it started snowing, its so nice and realxing to sit somewhere with a nice hot cup of coffe in your hands, and a few good friends beside you watching the snow fall whille discussing the meaning of life or something like that. It really puts you into a mood so good that you feel like nothing in the world could possibly make you loose your temper.

Until you get in your car and drive home that is, becouse it seems like everyone forgot how to ing drive. I mean god damnit what the hell is up with that, the snow wasnt even setting on the road and i had a guy with a ing subaru impreza driving at half the speed limit! What the was up with that, what moron was behind the wheel, how incompetant do you have to be to not be able to drive a ing rally car faster than 25 km/h, seriously i would strangle the guy if it wasnt too ing cold ouside and i didnt feel like running behind him...actualy i woudnt have needed to run i would have cought that retard if i was walking :whip: But that wasnt the end of it, oh no no no. After i passed that genious and continoued at my own pace for a minute or two i cought up to a guy in a new god damned range rover who was also driving like there was a bomb in his car and it would explode if he went abou 20km/h :whip: WTF im in a crappy FWD car with less than 1mm of rubber on my tires! (it was a fun summer, many visits to the track) and my car is not loosing control so you with your gazzilion ton 4wd should have even less problems than me, but no you have to drive slow and in the MIDDLE OF THE ING ROAD! so even the oncoming cars have to drive in the gutter to evade you you ing piece of :whip:

Im not much for road rage, but damnit people like this seriously piss me off

i love snow
i always get excited when there is a snow storm coming (the weather geek in me, I guess :p )
even though i hate driving in it

people who do not know how to drive in snow should do all us a favor and take the public transportation
Snow sucks.
aweosome comic!!!
Originally posted by mellow_head
Snow sucks.

i'm a fast and impatient driver, and i get pretty bad road rage, but in the case of snow/ice, i think it's good to drive by the 'better safe than sorry' rule... most of the time it's very hard to tell if the road is slick or not, especially if it's dark. it might only be snowing a little bit, but hit a patch of ice or slick road the wrong way and you're ed. it doesn't matter what kind of car you're driving... you're always going to have less control over how it handles when the road is wet/icy.

i'll usually go ~15-20 mph over the speed limit in dry weather, but if it's raining or snowing i tend to be very cautious.
kid nyce
i love the snow

i live in manhattan and i simply cant wait for it to snow

you don't need to drive anywhere, just strap on your snowboard and you are good to go

then again, you'll probably see me on the train with my board strapped to my bag so who needs driving when you get those facial expressions of people staring at you on the its not the snowboard attached to you bag, its because you didn't take your goggles off!
snow is a good thing...snowboarding is so much fun too

kid nyce
u forgot alcohol it keeps you warm
true, but if i get to tipsy then snowboarding is a bitch...and i am in high risk for fallin off the chair

snow is the best thing that falls from the sky. I love how everything becomes bright again after the gloomy winter. You can't see how ing dirty your city is, and you can snowboard etc.
Originally posted by kid nyce
u forgot alcohol it keeps you warm

chin, we are So going!!! i really suck at boarding but i love it nonethless...and i must say, i do provide oodles of comic relief on the slopes :tongue2

I Snow!!!
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