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Chemotherapy Review
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Dj Nacht
Its 5pm and I finally got back from the Royal Vik and ive been there since 10(Supposed to be 8 but the snow ruined everything). Got there and they started right away which made me happy cause I hate waiting. Theres this big room with lots of comfortable chairs and they make u sit down and all around u is other people getting Chemo. Basically they hook up Intravenous thingy and they gave me 3 different sort of chemos. It takes about 4 hours to finish all 3 baggy things and its not so bad cause all the chemo effects only hit u that night + they gave me a paper bag full of drugs to take!:D. Anyways I gotta go back monday tho cause they gotta give me another 1 for like 5 hours and its especially for my type of cancer. Nurse told me that it really goes into affect like 7 days later which means ill be feeling like for Christmas but its worth it. There is still many things I could tell but I will just keep it short. It looks like ill be doing this every 3 weeks about 8 times in total so I have long way ahead of me.
Good luck man!
oragod are very brave bro, my thoughts & prayers are with you

my mother went thru chemo and yes it is tough, but you will get through it and come out a better person, as did she

all the best & good luck
stay strong big guy!!:toocool:
I'm sure you'll do fine :) one of my cousin got diagnosed with cancer at the age of 3 and had to go through chemo as well...he's now 6 and very much healthy.
Originally posted by malek
stay strong big guy!!:toocool:

yep yep

be strong bro :)
good luck my man, you're gonna conquer this!
DJ Charlie
I hate intravenous when they are in your hands

mine stays blue for a week !

but YOU CAN DO IT !!!
good luck man !!
God speed.

Best of luck, buddy...feel free to share whatever is on your mind if it makes you feel better...I don't know you but I'm here for ya! ;)

Man, I never asked my aunt what she went through...I'm always kind of embarassed about it...thank you for your insight!!

And woah, PrincessKim, AGE OF THREE?!!?! Somethings in life aren't fair :( Glad to hear he's okay now :gsmile:
god damn natch, i leave these forums for a long time, dont see you at aria and ing find out you got cancer...

now you better get better and i better see your drunken ass on the dance floor soon, cuz it aint a party with out my lil wop... :)

get better big man all the best to you
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