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do i need 2 cdjs? and i need a new mixer
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i have a gemini 2 channel mixer, well 3, but it sucks so i wana get a new one.

i also wana get some pioneer cdjs, but do i need 2 right away, or could i just get one and be fine for a year or so? of course you dont know..and i duno why i'm asking....well, mostly because i dont know anybody else who i'm just looking for what other people do and what not.

so my questions are:

1)what are some good 4 channel (at least) mixers, price not a big deal...

2)does it make sense to buy 1 cdj now, and another in a year or so? (i have 2 tech 12s right now).

3)where do i buy cds? like good there a lot of like, techno cd stores on the internet? i dont know how it works.

educate me.
you know the rules lad - use the search tool :)
I'd sell the Techs and get multiple CDJ's, but that's just me.
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