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Learning to scratch with CD players
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I've got a pair of Numark axis 8s in my room and I was just wanting some tips on trying a few scratches on them.
I know CD players suck for scratching and I must be a nOOb and I'm bringing the integrety of my conception into question just by asking this this ra ra ra..
But I just wanted to have a go at doing it on the CD players without having to shell out $$ for a scratch record to use on my mates 1200s that I'm babysitting.
Any tips on where to download good scratch samples, good crossfader action, CD specific tips ect would be appreciated.
Tony Morello
learn to scratch on a turntable first, then apply what you learn to the cd decks
I do have a pair of 1200s at the mo, but the needles suck, are prone to skipping, and they're my mates and I don't wannt f*ck his needles anymore than they are already.
So lets just pretend they're not there.
Does anyone know of any good scratch sample tracks online that I could download?
Here you go..

I don't really think it's really illegal since those are all on nearly every scratch sample record. If it's against the rules, feel free to edit the link out of my post!
Tony Morello
go buy a pair of needles, some good slipmats and 2 scratch records, that's all you need
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