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beatport terrority error?
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i just tried buying a track on Beatport and a little window popped up and said "the following track is not available in your territory".

yeh that sucks, iv had one before, think it was for the T4L Remix of Tiesto's 'Nyana'.
This happened because i think iTunes has the rights to this track in the UK, hence i couldnt download it from Beatport.

its all down to licensing agreements between sites and labels.

I had the same error with AvB feat. Jan Wayne - Hymne.

I found it on another site though, so I suggest you try some other digital download sites...
I hate beatport and itunes although i still use them I still am under the impression they are scams:mad:
Straight off the beatport forum

"Here's some basic information regarding Territories. First off, the label isn't "Restricting purchases" because they don't want to sell it in certain territories, they have licensed the track to another label. For example, Ultra Records licenses other label's music to sell in North America. Ultra has a great reputation in North America and excellent Distribution so they just license music from overseas and sell it in the states. this works great for them because they can pick up a track from a smaller label and make it a huge hit in the states. It works great for the small label because they might not have very good distribution in the states and it helps their artists become bigger in foreign territories (makes them extra $$ as well)

Beatport has the option to either put up the track (w/ limited territories) or not put up the track at all. nothing in between. We often call the original label to try to get the rights for the rest of the world but that process takes time. From a customer point of view, this may be frustrating but here are some general labels and rules that may help you in the search for great music.

ULTRA Records (95% of the catalog is North America only)
Superstar Records (Most of the catalog is Germany, Austria, switzerland only)

Getting even more specific - here are some releases that are big enough to get multiple licenses

Armin Van Buuren - Shivers (Armada owns this release for UK, Europe, Ultra owns if for North America)

Alter Ego - Rocker (Ultra owns this for North America, Skint owns this for UK, Klang Electronic, the original label, owns it for Germany)

Bush II Bush - That piano Track (Saw owns this for North America and Italy, CR2 Owns this for UK)

Chab - Closer to Me , John Digweed + Alex Neri remixes (Azuli owns this for UK, SAW recordings will release the US version in September)

A good rule of thumb when you receive a "territorial error" when trying to put something in your crate is to click on the artist. Perhaps a different label owns this track for your territory. The more you get to know the origins and history of the different labels, the more effective you can be as a shopper when browsing for new music. Any good DJ will tell you... Know your music, Know your labels.

Beatport will try to write details about territory exclusions in the release level of the tracks so that you can figure these things out over time.

I hope this helps everyone come to terms with the Territory exclusions on the site."
Originally posted by punjabi
i just tried buying a track on Beatport and a little window popped up and said "the following track is not available in your territory".


It means that you better get the f*** out of WI
Originally posted by IKKI-ZUVK
It means that you better get the f*** out of WI

just set up a proxy, one in north american, one in the netherlands, and one in the UK, problem solved ;)
what about eastern europe? ukraine and russia? will i be able to download stuff from Audiojelly, Beatport etc. here in Kiev?
this is f**king unfair. as soon as people like me want to download legal stuff there's always a million stupid obstacles... :wtf: :sadgreen: :eyes:
You trying to get that Joey Beltram track?
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