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Denon DNS1000
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hi guys
im thinking of getting these, there fairly priced and have a lot of features and denon are good sound quality and build, i would love pioneers but just cant afford them at all...

does the platter act as a record when your adjusting the pitch like you do on other cdjs and also does it have vinyl mode...

also does the platter spin round all the time like a record...

thanks for your help
if you're looking for those features then go with dn-s3500
cant mate, there way to expensive for me... does the DNS 1000 have these features
Originally posted by damule500
cant mate, there way to expensive for me... does the DNS 1000 have these features

negative, it doesnt. the DNS-1000 is basically the pioneer CDJ200.u want vinyl emulation then u gotta go for the DNS 3500 or CDJ 800s, maybe EBAY for some used ones? or just go with vinyl
i got big pants
the pitch is also kinda jumpy...i have two of them, and they serve me very nicely...its just a pain to adjust the pitch about every 10-15 seconds...but overall, i think the s1000 is good for the $$$.
cdj-200 is the same price, if not cheaper at some places, and is a better product IMO.
if you're looking for pitch accuracy, get the cdj-200s.

if you're looking for effects, loops, and vinyl emulation, get the denon's.

I own the s1000's and i'm pretty satisfied with them. the pitch is kinda annoying but it's definitely manageable.

and, on a sidenote, you can replace the cd platter with one of them vinyl-cd dealies for a more realistic feel :toothless
i've used the denon 1000...and i sweared i would never touch them again...
the pitch is not least in my's delayed too much for my liking.
it does have the vinyl, but for the size of the's not worth it. the scratch capabilities with it are horrible...
the extra 3 features i'd say you can do without.

i'd go for a pio cdj 200...which i believe is in the same price range.
they both play mp3s (in case that's something you're interested in)...and i like the pio pitch better
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