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Mixer suggestions
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Hi, I'm looking into getting an inexpensive mixer for bedroom use, somewhere around 150 being the max. I'm thinking of a Vestax, Denon or maybe a Numark.
I'm all into great sound quality, but the truth is my hi-fi is about 8 years old and sounds worse for wear and the headphones I use are crap. I'm not sure how much I should invest in a mixer considering the quality of my current setup (which won't be upgraded any time soon), 150 might be giving it too much credit.

I'd like something with 3 EQ adjusters per channel, LED channel volume indicators and a crossfader curve. Also I think some mixers can split stereo, putting the left channel through CH1 and the right through CH2? That would be good to have.

Any suggestions appreciated.
Jeremy H
Numark DXM-01 should be fine.
I've been reading up and it says that mixer has a digital crossfader. What exactly is a digital crossfader? I can only guess it has incremental fade points, which doesn't seem like a great idea.
Vestax VMC-002XL
vestax pcv-275
I just picked up an Ecler Smac 20. They are recently discontinued though you can still find them quite cheap. Very solid mixers and excellent sound quality. Not sure what they retail for where you are?? I managed to pick on up for AU $500 which is about 150 pounds.

Only thing, does not have an adjustable X fader. You could try looking for a second hand smac 30 which I believe has it.
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