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A few more purchasing questions...
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Hey guys. So you may remember I made a thread a little while ago about purchasing new equipment for the first time. I was pretty set on 2 cdj-200s with a pio djm-400 mixer. It turns out, my father might spot me the money to upgrade to two cdj-800 mk2s. So my question is, do you think it's worth about 600 more total to get the 800s? What are the major differences between the 200s and the 800 mk2s beside vinyl mode and the larger platter? Better pitch?

Secondly, would the DJM-400 still be a suitable mixer for the 800s if I were to go that route, or would it be better to go with another mixer that would maybe take advantage of the 800s a little better?

Finally, while the 1000s are not an option for me, I'm just curious what seperates them from the 800s? Theres obviously a really large price difference. Is it mainly the pitch in that its more precise on the 1000s?

Any thoughts on these questions would be great. I have to depend on you guys out there who have this stuff to gimme the real lowdown, haha.

Thanks again,
The 800s are a good choice I'de say if your trying to keep a budget and new to mixing and or if you aren't picky about the 6% pitch range that the 1000s have, which is at a 0.02 resolution, supposed to be more precise then the 10% @ 0.05, the smaller the less corrections you have to make. Ask DJ RJT, I know he has CDJ 800s, the MK1s, and I was actually thinking about getting those myself, but I had some extra money that I wasn't planning on using so I just went with the 1000s. The 800s don't have as many saved cue points, you can't save them on a memory card that the 1000s come with, and the player itself is smaller, with a lighter platter than the 1000s. Overall, good choice.

With the mixer..if your planning on adding a third CDJ someday i'de get something like an Ecler Nuo 3. If all you are planning on doing is using two CDJs, your fine with the DJM 400, it's just an improved version of the DJM 300, and I haven't heard anything bad about it, seems like a solid mixer. You could also look into the Numark DXM-06, but I trust Pioneer mixers to Numark, they have a better reputation.

Besides i'm thinking about getting the DJM 400 to replace my Vestax PCV 275, so if I can use that with the 1000s, the 800s are good too. It's just a marketing gimick to them to say that the CDJ 200s work well with the DJM 400, but that mixer works with anything. You really don't need a 4 channel mixer like the DJM 600, Xone:92 or the DJM 800, don't know why people on here use those when they only have two CDJs...a 2 or 3 channel mixer is all you need.
i think you may be better off w/ 2 CDJ 800 MK I's. ya save urself a bit of $. major differene between those and the II's is that the MK II supports MP3 discs, no big deal really, ya save a bunch of discs, the MKII's also might let ya save more cue points, but i have to look into that.
problem is locating 800MK1's no place really has them in stock anymore, everyone's got MK2's now :/
Anyone else with any opinions? Particulary those who might have the 800 mk2s?
cdj-200 has a more accurate pitch than cdj-800 so i really don't see any point in getting a 800 if you don't scratch, which you i think you won't unless you play hiphop.
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