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Stanton dj lab2.... opinions pls
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alright so im lookin at a Stanton DJ Lab 2, DJ package retail $399.99 can check the specs at . If you read my earlier thread you know im a rookie. I dont want to start a career, just doin this for a hobby. Although I dont just want to play around for a couple of months and throw it in to the closet. I would like to get in to it I just dont have tons of cash, so pro stuff i want... just cant afford.
Soo my question is is this a good package?
Reasonable price for the items included?
Anyone heard anything bad about stanton or thier dj lab packages?
Anyone got a better package I should look at in the same price range?
A good wholesale dealer to buy through?

I got turned on to stanton by thier Final Scratch System, a revolutionary piece of (anolog meets digital in harmony) equipment. If you havent checked it out it is worth the time.

I am going to submit a new thread in regards Stanton Final Scratch System vs Rane Serato Scratch Live System(also worth lookin at if you havent yet). I would appreciate anyone who read this to post anything they know about the comparision of the two.
Thanx 2 all
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