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too good to be true?
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I just won the auction on 2 CDJ-1000 MK3s & a DJM-800 mixer, located here:

I double-checked the seller's feedback ratings, and they were mainly positive. I also sent an email to the seller just to double-check that this was indeed him/her that set up this auction. The last time I bid on a set of turntables I was notified by ebay that the seller's account was hacked into and that it was not the user's. Well, I'm just waiting on the seller's response before I make any payment, but I was wondering what your thoughts were as well.
First off, The mixer in the pic is not the djm-800

he does have some positive feedback from buyers and 1 negative from a buyer. Either way its a killer deal for 2cdj's1000 and a pio mixer.

Its your money :D
Yeah I didn't think that was the DJM-800 in the picture as well... when I get in contact with the seller I'll make him take a picture of the CDJ-1000s and the DJM-800 with a piece of paper next to it saying "i'm not ripping u off" :wtf:

It's either an amazing deal, or someone hacked into his account and set up this auction. I'm hoping its the amazing deal :) otherwise i'm going to give up hunting for decks on ebay and purchase brand new cdj-200s and a djm-500
Textbook scam.

If you pay the guy, I 100% promise you that you will never see any goods or your cash back.

Its a hijacked account- trust me man- im an ebay power seller- can spot these things a mile off.

1- private auction
2- seller usually sells golf clubs- suddenly lists a load of electrical goods. A&H V6 is another one of his items.
3 short listing ( usually 1 or 3 days)
4- link to email seller in description
5-stupidly low buy it now price in the description
6-AOL email address for the seller....dead giveaway always
7 Cut and paste description
8 Wrong picture....they are mk1s in the picture and its not the mixer mentioned in the listing.
9 poor grammar/spelling etc in listing.

Want me to go on?

Dont touch it with a barge pole.
it looks like the djm-909.
I also call shenanigans
ugh, yeah you're right freak. i was just being too optimistic (not to mention ignorant) and hoping that it really was not a hijacked account, even though i had that gut feeling it was a scam. the seller had a different email address for his ebay account, and i emailed that one. in the message i asked why there was an aol email address listed in the auction... well, i guess i'll notify ebay that the account was hi-jacked and the auction is a fake. thank you for the advice. i'm done ebay-hunting for a great deal, 2 attempts and 2 scams :whip: time to buy some new cdj-200s
thats a damn shame
yeah, at least i never ended up sending payments to either auctions. in the first ripoff auction i bid on, i never won... ebay closed the auction and notified me that it was a scam. i guessed they missed this one. oh well, no big deal. it was worth a shot
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