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Sweden - Paraguay (June 15th 2006) [Group B]
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They both need points.
Probably the key match of the group. Both teams desperately need a win, and if they get it here, it might very well mean the qualification. I think Sweden will disappoint once again, and Paraguay will confirm they are a solid team. The south americans to win 2-1.
Sweden has to win this, and with Kim we'll probably play a lot better while we've got Anders Svensson on the bench.

There's also this stupid debate in Sweden whether Zlatan Ibrahimovic should be on the bench or not. It's quite obvious that he needs to prove himself, he hasn't done that since the Hungary in the WC Qualifier.

Our defence should be pretty good for tomorrows game. Olof Mellberg and Fredrik Ljungberg has agreed on working together as a team and stop fighting. Henrik Larsson was one of the older players who arranged a meeting with all players to get everyone going.

It would feel odd if Anders Svensson would start this game, and I'm sure many will lose faith to Lars Lagerbäck if this happens.

Paraguay has a strong midfield, even though Paredes is the best player quite obvious. Their defence packs themselves together and plays compact, this doesn't actually fit Swedens style of playing, But you never know what they can do. Roque Santa Cruz was bad last game against England and doesn't seem to be in shape yet, while Nelson Valdez was great against England and should be starting if nothing happens.

The key is to roll up Paraguay's defence and try to shoot a little more than they did in the first game against Trinidad & Tobago. Kim will probably do so, and I hope he proves himself tomorrow.

I agree, this is the key matchup of the group.
Im hoping for sweden to lose this matchup. Paraguay is no joke to be taken lightly when they are on their A game.
Sweden cant afford to loose any points here, allready some pressure on them since their last game is England. Shouldnt pose a problem though, they showed some good form the first game. Would be a shame if they didnt go through, i'ld like to see them reach quarters or even semi :) .

@ Paranoiko: [I didnt see the game live] but why did Sweden disappoint in their first game according to you ? Seemed they just got unlucky...
I think Paraguay will win this game. They'll work on having a strong defense which is what they're known for. Plus they'll look to score, and they really want it
Originally posted by The_G0dfather
@ Paranoiko: [I didnt see the game live] but why did Sweden disappoint in their first game according to you ? Seemed they just got unlucky...

it was a combination of both. they had about 3 clear goal scoring opportunities but didn't manage to score, which in itself is already a disaster since they were expected to win by a large margin. even more when the entire second half trinidad had only 10 men! knowing that beforehand, people would say sweden would win by about 5-0.
And my god, there are always hot swedish chicks in the stadium :eyes:
Im pretty sure Svensson will play instead of källström which is good imo, i have always prefered svensson. Its just idiotic to blame all on him for the t&t match. Also i want Allbäck much earlier in the match, around 50 min (this is if sweden hasnt done anything yet). Because he creates so much more then both zlatan & larsson, underrated player..
This will be the game for place 2 in this group. Sweden has to win if they want to get promoted. But I think it will be a remis.

Too tough a match up to predict...

But I think Paraguay is gonna get it done, 2-1, look out for an offensive game as both teams need to win.
The key match in this group :)

Both teams need the points, and that's why I'm not really expecting very much of this game. Both teams are going to be pretty nervous and will try not to lose and that will effect their performance in a negative way. I'm going for a draw 1-1, although I think Sweden has the better team and the better players.
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