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FIFA will revise ranking system
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Fifa has announced an overhaul of its world ranking system after complaints that it was too complicated.

The main change is that a national team's ranking will be based on results from the last four years, not eight.

Goals scored and home advantage will no longer have any bearing on placings and other aspects, including importance and strength of matches, have been revised.

The changes will come into effect after the World Cup ends on Sunday, with the first new rankings revealed on 12 July.

Fifa president Sepp Blatter said: "I am convinced that our experts have come up with a satisfactory solution for a new way of calculating the ranking.

"We have acknowledged the need for a substantial revision. We are aware that it is difficult to meet everybody's expectations but are confident that the new system will provide an accurate measure of the strength of each of our member associations."

rankings are ed still if US is anywhere near the top 20.
Not very optimistic here.

What they're doing is removing many factors from the calculation.. which in theory should make a less accurate ranking. I think the problem is rather with the weighting of the factors: for example I know european qualifying matches are worth more than, say, oceanic qualifying matches, but the differences they give for it aren't anywhere near enough.

Anyway, even if they improve it, it doesn't matter, people will always moan about it and say it doesn't represent the truth. It will never satisfy everyone.

The only good thing that seems capable of coming out of this is tennis-like match-buildup of how the rankings will be affected: example, "if France wins tomorrow they become #1 in the world".
There goes Mexico and USA out of the top 50. :stongue:
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