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old set from tiesto june 6th 2001
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hey! i'm still wondering about the "tiesto - live at club eau june 6th 2001" set....people said he played the twin peaks theme, is it really the twin peaks theme*??????
i tried to download it, but that was the "falling" one....

anyone know the whole "story"?????

thx very much if you could help!!!

First of all, it is from june 3rd. I point out, dj jean played the first three songs in my version. Tiesto starts at 4th track. You probably will not find a version that sounds like the twin theme exactly because tiesto was pitching records up and down like mad.

DJ Tiesto @ Club Eau 2nd Anniversary (03-06-01)

1. Mauro Picotto-Verdi (Megamind Mix)
2. Joy Kitikonti - Joyenergizer (Psycho Mix)
3. Harry Choo Choo Romero-Beats Vol.2 (Cricket mix)
4. Members of Mayday - 10 in 1 (PVD Club Mix) --tiesto started here
5. Utah Saints - Lost Vagueness (Oliver Lieb Mix)
6. Airwave - Save Me
7. The Green Martian - Industry
8. Faithless - We Come One (Rollo and Sister Bliss mix)
9. Ralphie B - Massive
10. Jan Johnston - Flesh (DJ Tiesto remix)
11. Altitude - Night Stalker (Original Mix)
12. Coast 2 Coast - Home (Original Mix)
13. Delerium - Innocente (DJ Tiesto remix)
14. Fred Numf Vs. 5 point 0 - Globalisation
15. Minimalistix-Twin Peaks Theme
16. DJ Tiesto - Urban Train
17. Rank 1 - Such is Life (Rank 1's Deep Dub Mix)
18. DJ Tiesto - Flight 643
19. Emmanuel Top-Tone
20. Mario Lopez - The Sound Of Nature (Plug n Play Remix)
21. DJ Montana - Bridge in the park
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