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Rush Hour 3
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::sorry rubes::

MANY of you probably won't care, but the first two are guilty pleasures of long as Chris Tucker is back, his absence in the sequals to Friday were pretty much pointless.

Rush Hour 3 is the third installment in the Rush Hour trilogy starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, that began with Rush Hour (1998) and continued with Rush Hour 2 (2001). On May 7, 2006, the film was officially announced and filming began on August 23, 2006. The film is to be set in Paris, New York City, and Los Angeles. Rush Hour 3 has a target release date of August 10, 2007.[1] In one scene, Sun Ming Ming, the second tallest Chinese person and seventh tallest person in the world, fights Chris Tucker.

While in Paris, Lee's(Jackie Chan) latest assignment is to escort and to protect Chinese Ambassador Han as he delivers a major address before the World Criminal Court Summit in Los Angeles. While delivering his announcement, he is shot and nearly killed. Meanwhile, former LAPD Detective James Carter(Chris Tucker), who has recently been demoted to a traffic cop just happens to be listening to the radio when the tragedy occurs. He rushes to the scene to help, but instead interferes with Lee's pursuit of the culprit. To get his status back, Carter teams up with Lee one more time to help track down the assassins. With the trail leading to Paris, both will find themselves in unfamiliar territory. The two will be forced to fight the French police J Moser, the Triads, and foreign culture if they are going to solve the mystery in time!
no probs.. when does it come out? I too, am a fan. Loved Ms. Sanchez in the last one... I mean, I liked the movie too.
Chris Tucker is hilarious! Can't wait till this one comes out!
darin epsilon
Nice nice. Hopefully it will be pretty entertaining. I thought the first two were hilarious.
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