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Fergie - Essential Mix 22-04-2007
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01. Delon & Dalcan’Beyond Clouds’ (Confused Records)
02. Oliver Huntemann ‘Sao Paulo’ (Confused Records)
03. Johnny Future ‘Perfect World 2’ (Perfectworld)
04. Axel Bartsch ‘Dark’ (Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten)
05. Damian Schwartz ‘Las Abuelas (Barem Mix)’ (Mupa)
06. Kaliber ‘Kaliber 10 – B1’ (Kaliber)
07. Stephen Bodzin ‘Mondfahrt’ (Herzblut Recordings)
08. Black Strobe ‘Shinning (Oliver Huntemann Mix) (Play Louder)
09. DJ FEX ‘Computer With A Human Face’ (Marc Romboy Mix) (Robotronic)
10. Harthrob ‘Baby Kate’ (Sascha Funk Mix) (M-nus)
11. Gui Boratto ‘Gate 7’ (Kompakt.)
12. Electrochemmie ‘Mucky Star’ (Get Physical)
13. Tom Pooks ‘My Chase’ (CDR)
14. Zoo Brazil ‘Back Stage’ (John Henry Records)
15. Rekorder ‘Rekorder 6.3’ (Rekorder)
16. Spektre ‘Dark Horse (Audion Mix)’ (Dance Electric)
17. Fergie ‘Up & Over’ (CDR)
18. Mate Kate & D Ramirez ‘Stop The Revolution’ (Jamie McHugh Mix) (Lot 49)
19. Fergie ‘Shifty’ (CDR)
20. Fergie ‘Larne Express’ (Excentric Muzik)
21. Roland Klinkinburg ‘Whats The Point’ (Armada)
22. Kevin Gorman ‘Dirt Machine’ (Mikrowave)
23. Fergie ‘El Capitano’ (Excentric Muzik)
24. Sebastian Roya ‘Compresion’ (Connaisseur Records)
25. Rejected ‘Cliché’ (Rejected Muzik)
26. Dachshund ‘Water Game’ (Num Records)
27. DJ Hell ‘Butter Saure’ (Perc Mix)’ (Kickin Records)
28. Kevin Gorman ‘Game Over’ (Mikrowave)

download with thanks to gloryx85 ----> here
download as always here...

Fergie is back on Radio 1 for this week's eccentric Essential Mix.

Broadcast: BBC Radio1, SAT.


Link: Fergie - Essential Mix @ BBC Radio1 04/22 download dj mp3 @ newmixes (new mixes)
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