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Native Love 4 Year Anniversary Thursday Oct. 4th / Circus Afterhours Friday Oct. 5th
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Luke Native
Hi Everyone,

That time of the year where I have my anniversary for my weekly
radio show Native Love This Thursday October 4th I will be celebrating my 4 year anniversary for my weekly radio show Native Love with Luke Native on www.Techno.Fm Having already featured Montreal's most respected House DJs to the occasional International guest. This Thursday will feature special guests Midnight Society (NYC) and Eddy Jasmin for the 4 - year anniversary show. The festivities continue Friday October 5th at Circus after - hours for the After Leather Ball, part of the Black and Blue Official after events.

And now for my yearly praise and love which goes out to my family and
friends, Mom, Dad, Tony, Tracey, Shannon, Allison, Danessa, Marlyse, Jase,
Ron, Ishmael & their family, my neighbors for never complaining about the
big sounds coming from the basement, Eric O, guests from over the years:
Eddy Jasmin, Joubin, Big Al, Mike Daniels, XL, Rob Brown, Max Julien,
Marcelo Cruz, Tazz, Jan Pienkowski, Ibra, Palash, Demi, Niki B & Christian
E.F.F.E., Chus and Ceballos & of course Saeed Younan! Younan Music in full
effect Nancy, Hoan, Danette, Kermit, Alex Celler, Tom Sawyer, Eric
Entrena, Simon & Shaker, Natalia (Miami) Johnathon (Miami), Rolly
(Crobar/Space Miami), jojoflores, bic flores, Misayo, Stephanie, Tracy,
Elie, Dee, Lindsay, Toya, Alex & Andy, Marilyn A, Amanda A, Megan,
Rosalie, Paula (Halifax), Simon P, Erik and Curtis of Midnight Society
(NYC), Kieran, Soundgroove Records, Progrezo Records, Gare Mat K
(Colombia) Craig Mitchell, Eli Wilkie, Steve Bear Sas, Angel Moraes,
Thomas Penton, Tim ( Sari, Ian Durkin (Ottawa) Daniella,
Vanessa, Taran (Ottawa)everyone at, Ian Huggins, everyone at, Indy (NYC), Steven Caicedo, Lance Cashion (Texas),Patty @
Proton Radio, Mandie (Ottawa), Johnathon Y, Sultan, Tone Depth, Maher
Daniels,Jay Schingh, Marie, Carol, Kara, Alex & Deric Davis @ Techno.Fm,
Khaled, Dock Funk, Jen, Alexandra, Raffi, Karim, Nyan Narine, Danny
Torrence, Stephan Grondin, Staff @ Stereo, Julie, House Pacific, Indamix,
Malek, Melanie W, Paul, Anton, Alicia D (Ottawa),Sophie, Joe Juarez,
Sabrina, Nick Jette, Scott Lancaster, Olga, Vive-Ann, Jessica, DR One,
Eddie Joseph, Eddie Lewis, Elijah, Chenye, Nnena, Leo (Kingston) Mike D'R
(NYC) Bianka @ Globalsound, Brooke (Ottawa) Carman N, Tamara P, Cybelle @
Icon Agency, Dave (TO), Ian Kent, George, Nicole, Laura, Stephanie (TO),
Gabe, Suz,(Winnipeg) Joe (TO) Justin, Sase One,Mary (Florida) Mark @
Djsinbox (Florida), Maxx & JC @ 246, Christine A, Jerry (NYC), Sean Miller
(TO) Max Hebert, Just Johnathon, Rodrigo,
Bugo, James Dollface, Blended crew, Mike M, Kamaka,
Jules (The Other), Sen (TO), Molly, Chelsea, Rachel, Vanessa, Chris &
Danny C, Deelle, Hugo, Kerrie, MJ, Brandon, Yan, Vero, JP, Marylene,
Shanda, Stephanie Dharma, Stephen Nelson, Sara & Ztlaka (TO), Brian H,
Donald Joseph, Sarah Rae (Moncton) Alki, Himansu, ****, Catherine
(Ottawa), Adele, Francis, Jessie, Mia, Melinda, Christina, Staff @
Helsinki, MV, Tina & Craig, Flo, Cecilla, Hans, Annabelle, Anne Marie,
Sumitra, Adam Hummel, Catherine L, Kristian, Slyde, Uzi, Simon B, Molly
Kelly, Madeline, Pamela, Jason C, Frank Turgeon, Dom Pandolfo, Rick Laplante, Jason Jesse and the whole Mavericks staff in Ottawa, Anna Potter, Garo T and Hratch (Tribe Hyperclub) Jessie and Lili (Ottawa) Sarah and Marlena, Francine G, Dan Stringer, Frank, Stephanie and Jackie (Monde Ose) Claudia L, Dave F, Vishal, Ashiq, & Bossy, Chris, Carman and Nessa (Miami) Marie Sophie, King Louis, Gaetan (Les Tubbies) Massivedrum (Portugal) Gaby (DC) Tiffany E, Angie V, Lyle Q, Alyson Calagna (Miami) Caroline F, Kevin M, Zitta, Christina L, Matteo, Sydney Blu, Manzone & Strong (TO) Alan T (Miami) Alex Bopp, Rick Ram, Kirk Coleman, Mile End Records, Ian Durkin, Cevin Fisher (NYC) DJ Jaimy (Amsterdam) Craig Mitchell (Boston) DJ Petzi (Portugal) Shane C, Francis B, Sissy M, Dom, Pat Marco and the ravemontreal crew and to everyone who voted for Native Love in the
Best of Montreal Poll earlier this year making it an Honorable Mention as
Best Local Radio Show three years in a row! much love from native love!

Here is to many more!!!!!!!!

Luke Native
Native Love 4 Year Anniversary LIVE NOW till 5 PM EST

Eddy Jasmin LIVE from Picnic Electronic Canada Day
2 - 3 PM

Midnight Society
3 - 4 PM

Luke Native
4 - 5 PM
I heard midnight society = solid music..

Going to check em out probably
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