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Who Did You Vote For?
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84th Ave.
The TA DJ Poll result is in and wow, I think people in this scene are getting retarded by the year....

Why can't people understand the difference between DJ and Producer?

take a look at the list.....Sean Tyas at 11th spot? Tyas a better DJ than say Cox, Lawler, etc......?

Anyways if you voted who did you vote for? Mine personally (people who can actually mix and that are good DJs)

1. John Digweed
2. Carl Cox
3. Sasha
4. Danny Howells
5. Steve Lawler

Hon. Mentions:

Markus Schulz & Ferry Corsten for trance (the only 2 guys in trance that know how to mix properly)

Eric Prydz can be a good dj, soon enough, needs more experience

Stephan Bodzin, hope he explodes onto the scene more, he can mix and produce
1. AVB
2. Above and beyond
3. 16 bit lolitas
4. Matt Darey
5. Dekoze
DJ Eterno
1. Digweed
2. Hawtin
3. Carl Cox
4. Danny T
5. Ricardo Villalobos

Above and Beyond voted number 3??? what the...
Danny T
Danny T
Victor Calderone
D-Formation (gave at B&B one of my most memorable sets in the last 5 years)
Sander K
1. Steve Lawler
2. John Digweed
3. Adam Beyer
4. DJ Vibe
5. Sander K
DJ Eterno
just wondering how this works? anyone care to enlighten?
I don't even remember who I voted for...but I think it was:

Carl Cox
Tommie Sunshine
...can't remember
I voted for these babies of mine. In exact order:

- John Digweed
- Ferry Corsten
- Danny Howells
- Markus Shulz
- Steve Lawler

EDIT: We're voting for the mixologits DJs, not the producers.
Originally posted by Enigmatik
EDIT: We're voting for the mixologits DJs, not the producers.

+ 1111111111111111111
Sean Tyas #11... I think people just hear like 1 song by some random producer and if its their tune of the moment they go and vote for it...

I voted for Lawler, Howells, Sasha, etc.
1. Danny Howells
2. Mark Farina
3. Lee Burridge
4. John Digweed
5. Chloe Harris
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