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The song you're thinking about RIGHT NOW (pg. 2)
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won't let this feeling go-sundance(angelic mix)

Dude i can't let this feeling go.........

Allure - No More Tears [Butterfly Mix]
It's not Trance but it rocks:

Feel the Need - Weird Science.
I have this song in my head since a couple of days, and it wont go away!!

Johan Gielen presents Abnea - Velvet Moods

nice uplifting track!!
"Panic" by Goon
Nordlander - Starchild cuz it`s my all time fav. It`s always in my head are some tunes I will play soon. You may not know all the songs (not all trance) but please check em out.

If you happen to know all the songs, AND you are a lady, email me at once for you are probably my soulmate. :-)

no particular order

0) Newborn - "Scarlet Sky"

Progressive/Ambient Trance. I first heard this on a demo disc (I think) and I enjoyed it.

Check it out:

1) Pachelbel - Canon (in pick-a-major key)

Though not trance, it is a favorite of mine...makes me wish I was getting married...
just one of those timeless, IMO flawless, and simple tunes...

2) AMOK - "Enegy" (Rave Mix)

This song used to make me run around in circles.

3) Solar Stone - "Seven Cities" (Pick-a-mix)
4) Gouryella - "Tenshi" (Original)

Both make me think about traversing the universe in a spaceship...

5) Global Communication - "9_25"

some calm ambient for sleepytime later...

6) Elvis - "Can't Help Falling in Love"

to sing in shower before I sleep

7) Astral Projection - "Power Gen"

To bounce off the walls to.
(refer to #2)

8) Marc Van Linden - "Another Dimension" (Club Mix)

This happy lil song is playing in my head now...

9) The Rachel's - "Egon, Wally, and the Models"

Beautifully sad song - piano, violin, and cello.

10) The Coup - "Underdogs"

Rap from a local group I think is worth listening to.

11) Tokyo Ghetto - "I kiss your Lips" (club mix)

"happy hardcore" stuff to make me feel bouncy again

12) Nick Drake - "Day is Done"

Some folk music...i love this man's voice.

13) Therapy - "Screamager"

Metal-rock music to wake me up.

14) Accuface - "See the light"
15) Luis Paris - "Incantation" (london paris mix)

ahhh...back to trance music...

heh...I can imagine myself spinning this set at a rave....heh (but in my car, definitely)

g'nite all,
Wacky DJ Idle
autumn tactics (thrillseekers mix)-chicane

must be that time of year...


Damn....cmon guys/girls you know u have a song on your mind...


En Motion - Truth

Freefall - Skydive (Way Out West Rmx) Or something like that hehe..
For an Angel - Paul van Dyk

Music sounds better with you - DaftPunk/Stardust

Oldies...but you probably remember the first time you heard them--kev
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