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[Quarter Final] Netherlands - Russia
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Place your bets:wtf:
denys envy
Dutch the obvious favorites, not only for this game, but to win the whole darn thing. Both teams play awesome football and regardless of the result should showpiece an entertaining match.

In the end, I think Netherlands have more clinical finishers so they'll win something like 4-2. BUT! (and there's always a but) should they have a poor game and Pavluchenko learns how to share the ball before Saturday's match, we could have a nice upset in the whereabouts of 3-2 for Russia. (as highly unlikely as it seems).

Being a Russia native and supporter, I'm rooting for the latter, of course. And I will not be disappointed if we lose. I think it's a great achievement for a young squad to progress this far, and only raises the bar for future performances. Especially looking forward to 2010 WC, most of our squad will be in their prime.
Hiddink know Holland alot better than Van Basten knows Russia...

You just never know in these knock-out stages
I'm looking forward to this match. Going to be closer than most people think, but the dutch will advance.
I think the Russians will surprise us all and beat the out of the tulips.
Originally posted by paulandrews
I think the Russians will surprise us all and beat the out of the tulips.

So Netherlands scored 9 goals against Italy, France and Romania, 1 goal against us. (it was offside too) But Russia will rape us? :eek:

Thats what he's saying :p
I see someone is over-confident ;)

Don't get me wrong, I'm supporting the dutch here, and I think they're going to win this game, but just because everything in those group games went well for you, doesn't mean the same is going to happen until the end.
One of the Dutch players had a family tragedy, his infant daughter died. The Dutch team isn't in the best of moods right now I guess.

Yeah, that would be Bouhlarouz, his daughter was born prematurely.

He's supposed to be back for the game though.

One of the reasons why they performed that wel was indeed their excellent team spirit. It remains to be seen if this will have huge effect on the squad.
Maybe the team spirit increases even further after this incident, who knows.

Anyhow, I'm excited!!
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