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[Semi Final] Germany - Turkey
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Germany expected to win this one, but will Turkey come from behind as always? Or will this be the end of Turkish tenacity?

Either way, it won't be pretty: Germany is home to millions of Turks, many of whom haven't exactly adapted, so... if .DE loses, all the Turks might be deported :D

And this is a graphic I found floating on the web:

Considering the fact that half of Turkey's team is injured/suspended, I say Germany takes this one easy. Wouldn't be surprised if Turkey actually won again though :p
Expecting a dull one-sided game here. Turkey's only "asset" in this tournament has been their unbreakable willpower/passion. Other than that they didn't impress with their footballing performance in any of the games. Passion does go a long way, but not as long as to beat the Krauts.
Turkey had a great tournament, but I think it will stop here. Apparently they barely reach at 11 players, that won't do them any good :p ... Still, I think it will be a difficult match for Germany, but in the end it will be the Germans that will take the victory
I think the Germans won't take the Turks seriously and still win 2-0
Originally posted by HardTranceProd
so... if .DE loses, all the Turks might be deported :D

No worries, Germans aren't like Italians (see Perugia after Ahn Jung-Hwan sent Italy packing in 2002).

Should be a hard-fought game, but barring another miracle, Germany have to take this. Regardless, they won't be strong enough for either Russia or Spain, so it won't be that important because they have little chance in winning the Final.
Everywhere else people are saying that Germany is going to Dominate Turkey.

Funny thing is, if I remember correctly the last 2 games Turkey played against the Germans, Turkey won 2-1 in 2005 and in 1999 they tied 0-0...

With Fatih Terim in Charge of the Turkish squad before the Turks never lost against Germany...

The only reason I could see Turkey loosing now is because of the missing important players....
See this is why I wish Turkey was full strength so Germany could hand a full strengh Turkey their asses.
yeah this will be a blow out...too bad i can't watch it though:( or the next days match either :(:(
So it's germany's fault that Turkey got all these yellows and injuries:rolleyes:

I remember the last EURO semifinal when we played Greece, and I said "We'll finally stop them, they just can't play the final". And they won. Then I thought there's no way they could beat Portugal and win the whole thing. They did.

So I dunno. Turkey's definitely this year's wonder, so I wouldn't be surprised if they managed to beat Germany. I hope they won't though.
im def taking turkey seriously... i just hope the boys do the same... ballack came out and said not to overlook them, so lets hope they dont. if we play smart i think we should win... but even with all their injuries and suspensions, they still got a chance. still though....

viva alemania!!!! :D :D :D
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