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Severe jet-lag problems
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Just came back from vacation on Monday, went from california to taiwan. since getting back monday i've only had 10 hours of sleep, didn't even sleep at all the past two days at its 1:30 A.M. right now and i'm wide awake. tried taking melatonin today before going to bed, didn't do . along with the sleeplessness i'm also experiencing headaches/dizziness and fatigue. any ideas?
Danny Ocean
Benzos, Pot, Heroin, Nyquill
Your mind is probably racing. Take a shower, jerk off, eat a banana, get comfy in bed and read a book. Get away from all unnecessary lights / sounds as those hinder melatonin production, which is crucial in feeling sleepy.

I'd stay away from the internet. Do a simple book with a small lamp nearby. If all else fails masturbate again, or post any asian porn you might have on here.
Stay up until you collapse.
Do what the dude in your sig is doing. Then go see a doctor.
i agree w/ nyquil. and tylenol PM
To be honest, there is nothing you can really do but just deal with it until your body clock eventually adjusts.

edit: it's always way worse when you fly back to the US from Asia.
Fortunately I don't get any jetlag no matter how hard I try but one thing I've heard from people who do is that you should try and start eating at meal times in your current time zone ASAP, no matter how hard it might suck, or how hungry you aren't. That's one of the fastest ways to get back on...
Originally posted by XaNaX
all that other dude get some benzos you will sleep. if you call your doc you could probably get a short term script for this if you have no other source but they would probably stick you with ambien

If something like melatonin doesn't work for me are benzos going to be much more effective? plus I don't want to get physically and mentally dependant on these things.
go to the gym and cardio/weights till u drop

lol @ the EDM site with people complaining about disrupted sleep patterns.
I know how you feel. I just flew in from Miami to Atlanta. The time difference is killing me.
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