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Logic Pro 8 Tutorial DVD for sale in Montreal!?
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Trying to find a store in Montreal that sells a Logic Pro DVD tutorial

if any of you know logic pro in and out and would be interested in me paying you some cash get back to me.

I bought this program back in the summer of '08

I do not have any friends that are into producing with Logic-- they do not use Macs

Tried to figure out this ing manual too ing long and I am stuck after chapter 2.

I have gone to the apple store to pay for a 1-on-1 tutor and I get bull responses.

what the do i do.

I am trying to download these torrent DVDS that are logic tutorials and they will not download

youtube is bull for tutorials

what the

I should have records made by now.
Have patience, my friend. You won't learn Logic in a day.
This is not ableton live. It'll take time to learn this
software. The youtube videos are great if you sorta know
your way around. Check out SFLogicNinja's Channel - he
shows you some great tips.

I highly recommend that you take the time to read the
manual. Use it as a reference guide if you don't want
to read the entire thing just yet. Also Logic's help
menu could also provide assistance in troubleshooting.
Check with apple store, they give courses for any products!

They proposed me 1h a week for a year for 100$ if i'm not wrong,i don't remember if it's only when you buy a macbook in same time,but call or go directly.
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well logic is pretty much the same as all the other high editing/sequencing programs, just different hot keys and slightly different ways of routing things. i mean if you know how to mold and meld audio, apart from having to adjust your workflow a little bit to fit into logic, its all the same

there are plenty of logic support forums as well-

I should have records made by now.

Check out for some cool tips... You can also find great tutorials at .... As mentioned above, SFLogic Ninja videos on YouTube offer great tips as well.
Dj Nacht
Buy a book man! I have 2 books on Ableton live 7 and its all you need! The books not only teach you the program but also the built in instruments and effects!
Try DVDs from (these are really good)

or book (Authorised Apple Logic training book with CDrom)
Originally posted by ep1x
Tried to figure out this ing manual too ing long and I am stuck after chapter 2.

you seam impatient

there is not quick way to learn

there's literally hundreds of books and dvd's on this

and hey if you can't hack logic, maybe try something smaller... like ejay... or... rebirth... ;)
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