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passing gass at's a right!
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I am a big fan of passing gas..maybe b/c i think it's hella funny...

i know there are some people who refuse to fart at home and i think that is so wrong..i dont fart in public (heheh), but when i am at home, i let it all out..and i dont think there is anything wrong with that...but there are some people who think farting is wrong, EVEN AT HOME!

well dang..if i cant fart at home, then i guess i cant fart at all..and that's's my own home for goodness sake..and i dont fart when i have company over..unless they're my good friends..then it's war...i have the funniest fart stories..hahahha

sorry..had to freind made a big deal of it..and well, i told him he was too uptight!

Farting at home is a right...a god given right...;) :crazy:
Damn right theres nothing wrong with farting...and it's always fun and often satisfying. Nothing wrong with farting at a friend's house either...maybe not if there's girls around. Anyway, I love playing the game where you must say "safety" after farting before someone else says "doorknob" where they get to punch you in the arm. If you held in all of your farts, you would probably develop problems anyway.
he was probably disgusted.. i know i would be...
farting is kewl, do it when there are lots of friends in the house and when you drank some beers

laughing guaranteed :D
mr. poopyhead
farting is fun... i dunno why people are so disgusted by it (like they've never farted... bs, everyone farts, =P).... it makes a funny sound. a fun game to play is fart tag.... i'm sure the game needs no explaination, =P. so the next time you feel a buildup, laugh it up and let one rip, =P.
Vivid Boy
girls arent alowed to fart...nuff said...ive never once seen err heard my mom come to think of it i dont think ive ever seen her go take a ....i dunno maybe shes a robot...all sshe does is bitch and cooks

If you never fart you'll explode sooner or later :crazy:
HAHAHAHAHAH!!! this is currently my favorite thread

Vivid Boy
i dont know if this is true but if u burp and fart at the same time i hear u can explode
farting is fun and yeah, it does make a funny sound :toothless
and some stink :happy2:
speaking of farts, i did a wicked one earlier on...
quite a long and prelonged fart too :)
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