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Let's have a discussion about the ball
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So Adidas likes to manufacture a new ball for every World Cup. It's part of tradition and they use the latest technology and whatnot. But the response has been subpar, at best. Some players described the 2006 ball as a "volleyball," and players and keepers have gone on the record to voice their displeasure with the 2010 Jabulani. So what do you all think about this? What school of thought do you all subscribe to? Should the players just shut up and play or do they have a valid point? There really is no reason to manufacture a new ball every four years. The 1982 and 1990 balls work just fine, I presume. To be fair, however, the Jabulani has been given to players and teams ahead of time.

Is that enough?
I always thought the place to talk about balls was the c0r...
The ball moves a lot. It's going to be harder for goalkeepers. But that benefits the game I suppose. There will be more goals because of it.
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