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Argentina - Germany (July 3) [Quarter Final]
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I expect more cards than goals in this one (and i expect a lot of goals). Going on current performances, Argentina to take this 3:2 .
The matches where I've expected lots of goals have been very disappointing so far (as far as number of goals), and I don't think this one will be the exception. I'm thinking more like 2-1, but it would be awesome to see more goals. :p
i'm backing the germans for this one. i hope your prediction about cards is wrong though - the german side has an awful lot of players who could miss the next match with a yellow (lahm, shweinsteiger, friedrich...maybe podolski as well, i can't remember)
Originally posted by LAdazeNYnights
i hope your prediction about cards is wrong though

still think so? ;)
hahaha wow. i'm so excited for this game saturday. i think i'm gonna find a bar to watch it at.
In fact , Maradona didn't just ask Schweinsteiger if he was nervous. According to reports , this is how it played out:

Diego Maradona is Argentina’s irascible coach and former mega-star player. He had gotten word that German player Bastian Schweinsteiger was complaining about Argentina’s tactics with the referees, the behavior of their fans and, of course, the dirty acts that went down during a brawl following Germany’s 2006 World Cup penalty kick victory.

So Maradona stared into a Fox Sports camera on Thursday and with a mock German accent asked:

“What’s the matter Schweinsteiger? Are you nerrrvoushhh?”

Going to try finding that clip on youtube
I'm going with the Germans on this one. I think they've got enough offense to poke holes all over Argentina's defense, and have enough defense to neutralize Argetina's strikers. 2-1, Germany to win.
Germany is well organized and has tactical discipline, this is the worst opponent Argentina could have. If Diego's team wins this one, it will definitely be my fav team for the cup, as it's been from the beginning of the tourney.
Fantastic ! :disbelief :D
well, really great game from Germany. They deserve their victory. Argentina has never been alive in the game.

Sick ass match! Talk about overkill!! The Germans are an unstoppable force!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is what happens when a good team that punishes crap defending meets a team that can't defend to save its life.
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