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So we're about two weeks out now and I think it's time we start this thread up. It's usually up before now as people join in the fun of planning and re-planning where they might be during the week. For whatever reason, it's been very quiet in the forum relative to past years.

Anyway, I've always found this thread entertaining and very helpful in finding new people to hang out with. Basically, just post whereabouts you'll be staying and what parties you're planning on attending. Hopefully a few late parties get announced to throw a wrench in everybody's plans. :gsmile:

So, without further adieu, I'll kick it off.......
there actually was one thread started previously it just never got moved to the wmc forum.
Staying downtown again in a condo a few blocks from Ultra and the clubs.

Tue: Arrive, wanttickets store, South Beach for food and drinks;)
Nght: Nothing Yet, Maybe Saved @Set

Wed: Nothing Yet, Maybe Flying Circus
Nght: Gareth & Menno @Dream :eyes:

Thu: Tyrant on the Tikki :toocool:
Nght: Anjunabeats & Anjunadeep @Ice Palace :tongue2

Fri: Nothing Yet, Maybe Visionquest @Shelbourne:tongue3
Nght: Markus & Friends @Space + Toolroom @Terrace + Jackathon @Loft :eyespop:

Sat: Hopefully still on the terrace, then maybe Cosmic Gate Boat or Get Lost?????:cool:
Nght: Digweed @Vagabond :crazy:

Sun: Find a pool party, then Drinks @Wet Willies, Maybe Hed Kandi @Nikki Beach:p (may head to SS4D if weather is bad)
Nght: Nothing Yet:conf:

Mon: Relax, Big Meal, Lots of Sleep
Tue: Early Flight

Kinda disappointed so far in Tuesday and Sunday night lineups.... Way less options than in past years. Sunday has been my favorite night the past two years, so I'm still holding out hope for a last second announcement....
well, ... I didn't see it over there. should be in the subforum.

Edit: I'll leave this one here for now and Manny can delete, move, combine or whatever if he gets a chance.
Originally posted by DPetey81
well, ... I didn't see it over there. should be in the subforum.

yea its kinda hidden. and yep it does. if it doesnt get moved i guess lets just use this one because atleast its in the right section.
Mon: arriving, relaxing by the pool drinking mojitos

Tue: nothing yet, i'm prob drinking a lot of mojitos again.

Wed: Recession Session 3 & Laidback Luke Super You & Me

Thu: Anjunabeats

Fri: Going to head out to No Sugar Added @ Nikki Beach and then to Ultra and then back to Nikki Beach.

Sat: Nothing during the day yet, going to Ultra later in the evening.

Sun: Open. Prob Tenaglia pool party or Ultra. Or both. Dunno :conf:

Mon: major hangover, lack of sleep and flight back to NY.

2 weeks left, can't wait :D
3/11 - Markus @ Space

3/12 - PVD @ Mansion

3/23 - Gareth Emery then Andy Moor

3/24 - Anjunabeats/Anjunadeep party

3/25 - Pete Tong's pool party then Markus @ Space

3/26 - Swedish House Mafia

Doubt I'm doing anything after the SHM party, sleep will sound good by then. Sunday might just be a beach day...and we leave Monday evening.
Wed. 23rd:
DjMag@ Shelborne
Gareth Emery@Dream

Thu. 24th:
Bedrock Showcase@Cameo
Freaky Tikki

Fri. 25th - Sun. 27th:
SSFD@Ice Palace.

:eyes: Wish me luck :eyespop: :D
March 23rd Gareth Emery, JOC Mennon De Jong, Blake Jarrell @ Dream
March 24th Anjunabeats in Miami @ Ice Palace
March 25th Ultra Music Festival
March 25th Markus Schulz @ Space
March 25th Global Connection @ Dream
March 26th Ultra Music Festival
March 26th X-Mix Party @ The Shelborne
March 27th Ultra Music Festival

March 27th to the 28th Chill on the beach!

March 28th leave to go back to work the next day. :-(

If I can get through Friday. I will be fine for the rest.
Wed Night: ???

Thursday: Listed's Freaky Tikki with Tyrant
Night: Bedrock @ Cameo with Digweed/Hernan

Friday: Pete's Pool Party @ Surfcomber with Hawtin/Luciano
Night: Hope vs Audio @ Shine with Nick Warren vs Dave Seaman

Saturday: Listed's Dynamic @ Victor Rooftop
Night: Cadenza Vagabundos @ Ice Palace

Sunday: SS4D @ Ice Palace

Wed Night - Arrive
Thurs Day - Chill/Undecided
Thurs Night - Dig Deeper w/ Danny Howells and friends @ Treehouse
Friday Day - Ultra
Friday Night - Future Sound of Breaks
Saturday Day - Chill/Undecided
Saturday Night - VIVA party @ Ice Palace West
Sunday Day - Ultra
Sunday Night - Chill/Undecided
Monday Day - Chill/Undecided
Monday Night - Leave
Tuesday (22nd)

- Air London @ Electric Pickle then Hush, Hush @ Electric Pickle

Wednesday (23rd)

- Flying Circus @ Nikki Beach then Gareth Emery/Menno/O'Callaghan @ Dream

Thursday (24th)

- Tyrant Tikki then HARD Miami @ Grand Central then Circoloco @ Ice Palace West

Friday (25th)

- SAFE @ Hotel Victor b2b Hideout vs Moon Harbor @ The National Hotel then M_nus @ Ice Palace

Saturday (26th)

- Get Lost @ Electric Pickle then Dynamic vs Cityfox @ Hotel Victor then John Digweed @ Vagabond

Sunday (27th)

- Sunday School @ Ice Palace then Hot Natured @ Electric Pickle
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