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A question about parking near SPACE during MMW?
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Now, I had a question. I just realized that Space is usually open from 10pm the day before until 3-5PM the next day and I'm even more sure that SPACE will go in later during that week. So if I park there during MMW for lets say Markus on Saturday night and after his set wander over to Bayfront for Ultra on Sunday what happens?

Also what does the parking near SPACE usually cost during that week. Last year I only went to Ultra and I took the metro the entire weekend.
good far as price, i remember payinf 10 and 20...depending....and i also remember parking at a lot for ultra, and leaving it there until we left the club at like 4am
College Station Garage (Garage 3)
190 NE 3rd ST
Miami, FL 33132
Distance: 0.03 miles away
Parking Hours:
M-Sun (Open 24 hours)
Payment Method:
Monthly, Daily Parking, Payonfoot, Automated Attendant
Garage Parking
Parking Rate:
1hr: $4.00
2hr: $8.00
3hr: $12.00
Early Bird: $8.00
All day: $16.00
Saturday and Sunday All day: $5.00

Wondering if prices will change that weekend.

If it doesn't, holy I found my place to park.
i might have parked there once too...its a flat rate, but it wasnt $5!
parking is always jacked way up for ultra. doubt you'll find anything close for under 25. 2010 i paid 25 right next to space.

as for staying the whole night and day. no idea there. i know ive had a few too many before at space and then ended up leaving the car and picking it up sometime the next afternoon (never a problem) when its the only car left in the lot but that wasnt during wmc when there was so much other going on.

honestly doubt theyll tow you or anything, itll probably just sit there but who knows.
yeah bro, those rates dont apply for WMC/MMC like Pat said they jack the prices up big time.
across the street from Space expect to pay at least 25 bucks (if not more)
i was pondering renting a car to save cab fare but it seems like all the BS parking fees and dealing with homeless peoeple slashing your tires cancels the benefit
I'm just gonna metro it unless I need to have my car down there. 4 dollar parking and 1-2 for fare.
They will raise the prices the later it gets... They may start @ 10-15 dollars starting @ 10pm (maybe a little higher0 from there on fwd they will raise the price every hour or so. They know the later it gets the more money they can make. I remember a few times driving around trying find parking... When i cane around the block the same spot I drove by went up 10 bucks I even saw some as much as 30 for parking.

Just to give you a heads up.

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