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Rick Valentine Pres. PROGRESSION 071 With Guest Wellenrausch 13-11-12 [DOWNLOAD]
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Rick Valentine Pres. PROGRESSION 071 With Guest Wellenrausch 13-11-12 On

Rick Valentine
01: Tilt & Ben Shaw - Sly One (Andre Sobota Remix)
02: Casper & Ewan Rill - Universe Inside Of Us
03: Robert Nickson Pres. RNX - Suffer
04: Juan Deminicis - Empty Faces
05: Omauha - Sanus Per Aquam
06: Danilo Ercole - Profundo
07: W&W - Based On A True Story (Album Mix)
08: David Granha & Diego Iglesias - Amir (Gai Barone Remix)
09: Adam Beyer & Ida Engberg - Lovecraft
10: Rank 1 - 7 Instead Of 8
11: Matthew Paterson - Stingray

01: Gai Barone - Hydra (Wellenrausch´s Dark Matter Remix)
02: Wellenrausch - ID
03: Markus Schulz & Wellenrausch - Silence To The Call (Scream! Album Mix)
04: ID (Wellenrausch Dub Remix)
05: ID (Wellenrausch´s Dark Matter Remix)
06: Wellenrausch - Million Miles To Run
07: 2Players - Signet (Wellenrausch Remix)
08: Wellenrausch feat. Kyara - Carry On (Torsten Fassbender Remix)
09: Wellenrausch - Euphoria Of The Waves

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1 hour to go :)
Here we go!!!!
Hi Rick , tuned in , great sounds sofar
Originally posted by Janekdj
Hi Rick , tuned in , great sounds sofar

Hi glad you like :D
Well that's it for the first part of the show, be sure to stay tuned in for the second hour with special guests Wellenrausch


When in 2005 Paul van Dyk used “Carry on” for his album “Politics of Dancing 2”, it definitely marked a first highlight in this early stage of Wellenrausch and finally introduced Wellenrausch to a worldwide Trance community. Founded in the year 2000 by Torsten Fassbender, Wellenrausch productions and remixes for artists such as Blank&Jones, Luna Park and PPK constantly hit the international Trance charts, are present on a number of compilations and can be found on the playlists from almost every top DJ in the world. Beside that, his superb producing skills brought him an offer from high nominated Software Developer “Waves Audio” to write a Production Book for their “” Openmix™ Series, which got great reviews from international music magazines and is still representing a highly acclaimed classic in Trance music production.
In 2006 Torsten Fassbender moved to Berlin. Two years later his paths crossed with austrian born singer, songwriter, live- and studio musician Markus Geisberger, who had left Austria in summer 2008 to discover the Berlin music scene and who is now “the other part” of Wellenrausch. From spring 2009 on, the newly formed Wellenrausch started to spend endless hours in their studio in Berlin Buckow. Pretty soon the first tracks were finished. But, however, it should last almost another year until the first single “no superstition” was released.
In spring 2010 the collaboration with Afterglow Records was established. “No superstition”, the first single produced together, made it on Sony’s Dream Dance Album and got quite good reviews and is still highly accepted by clubs and DJs around the world. Inch by inch Wellenrausch was moving forward again. Creating new sounds within new arrangements, combined with lyrics and vocals that definitely match the ambience of every track. The ideas kept flowing and the harddisc heavy rotating, recording track by track, thus developing the new Wellenrausch style. From July to December 2010 their first album “Personal Epos” was recorded. An album release in summer 2011, a lot of new tracks and projects ahead and a lot of surprises from now on.
This is now being replayed Tune in here:
Downloads up in first post enjoy :)
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