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WMC/MMW Download Live set thread and promos.
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Juan Paulino
All the live sets from MMW/WMC will be posted here. So come back later and check it out. Way later LOL.
Meanwhile lets bring some memories back
when WMC usto b WMC not music week or ultra week
was all together back on the days was Ultra the highlight and tickets where 50dlls :eyes: with dj's like SASHA < TIESTO *(Good old Tiesto ) DEEP DISH , A&B and many more ..I remember when u got ur ticket they will give u the DVD for the year b4 :)

My Highlights was seeing DEEP DISH @ Space (the Terrace)

They where no SHMafia's or Deadmau'5es
Was pure Beautiful Trance and Amazing Vokals

Anyway I made this set as I will play it when I am there on some sunrise :)

Looking fwrd to hear the new ones ....
Spin Laden
music plz

I only see deadhouse on soundcloud so far :p
Juan Paulino
Yeah we need sets guys, cmon.
Spin Laden
...and Afrojack, Chuckie and Aoki

*pukes profusely*
Juan Paulino
Oh dear...
Spin Laden

"driving an ice cream truck while on acid" is my review of this deadhouse set.
Spin Laden

Markus Schulz - live at Ultra Music Festival (Miami, WMC) - 15-mar-2013
Spin Laden
Nicole Moudaber at Ultra
If Digweed's Vegabond set shows up anywhere, I will be extremely happy.
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