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Techno Loft
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California LT
Does anyone know what happened re: the techno loft at Space? Last year, there were techno artists like every night...this year only the first Saturday and closing Sunday.
a lot of times they don't put DJs in there and instead put the terrace music on in the loft. It just depends on how in demand the terrace DJs are.

During regular nights (if any night at Space can be considered regular), they always have separate DJs in that room. Obviously WMC brings a lot more crowd and demand for the terrace guys though.

And this year, the CLR party is actually in the main room of Club Space (downstairs). It doesn't get more techno than that! Also worth noting that the terrace can be used for any genre of DJ these days. Markus (trance) is playing a terrace set, so is Marco Carola, Adam Beyer, etc (techno) as well as Chus & Ceballos (house).
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