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Question about Apocalypse Now
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Anyone seen this movie? There's a scene that leads up to the attack of a village, and the colonel says: Big Duke 6 to Eagle Thrust. Put on psy-war-op. Make it loud. This is a Romeo Foxtrot. Shall we dance?

What does he mean by "this is a Romeo foxtrot. Shall we dance?"
Well what could 'RF' be code for? I don't think you'll ever get a straight answer unless you ask the writer (to which it probably means nothing in particular at all), but I dunno... Let's Ruin ers?

Romeo Lima Foxtrot = RLF = Run Like , in NATO jargon.

Maybe you can decipher it yourself:
Rape fest?
Moral Hazard
the line was scripted as "this is Romeo Foxtrot: shall we dance", no "a". Normally RF would be military shorthand for Radio Frequency; however, I am uncertain if that is what is intended here.
Originally posted by Unique2701
Big Duke 6 to Eagle Thrust. Put on psy-war-op. Make it loud. This is a Romeo Foxtrot. Shall we dance?

Hey sticks. We need some goddamn choppers. Blast these ing vinks. This is a real fight. Comprende?
some of you, thanks for the helpful answers ;)
Joss Weatherby
A two letter NATO phonetic at the end of a message is an authentication code.

One side will say a two letter phonetic and the other will respond usually "This is callsign, authenticate XY" where XY is another NATO phonetic pair.

Its a simple way to make sure that the people on coms are who they say they are.

"Shall we dance" is him just being a bad ass and saying that instead of "out/over".
RF = Raining Fire ? maybe.
Is this some NEW AGE BS?

This scene practically leaves me in tears just at the cinematic virtuosity of it. The editing, the sound mix, the photography... Apocalypse Now is not just the best film ever made, it's so much better than anything else I don't know why people bother having their own opinions.
You prefer the redux or the original?

Studied that scene in school, especially it's use of Flight of the Valkyries and how it was synced up to the image. Very powerful scene indeed.
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