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Montreal street art
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For the past few weekends, I've been coming up to Montreal to search out street art. It's the kind of thing you see walking all around the city, but if you're looking for it, there's some real gems to be found tucked away in alleys and other weird spots. Many Montrealers will know that in June the first annual Mural festival took place that brought in international street artists as well as featuring the work of local talent. Here's a few pics from my recent adventures up there, please feel free to add pics of any you see around town :)

El Mac

Astro (Mtl)

JR (There's a very interesting story behind this, check out this TED talk on JR photography )

Hsix, Zek, Brian Pepper (all Mtl)

Scan & Brian Pepper (I think)


Stare (Mtl)

Axe (Mtl)

Astro (Mtl)

A'Shop (Mtl, these guys are amazing)

Amazing!!! thanks for the share. The Guy A. Lepage one made me chuckle. Well positioned too, it must really shine on garbage day! Hahaha
I had to move the mattresses and trash out of the way to get the shot, I caught some looks for that :D
Wow these are super awesome!
Two of my friends started the MURAL Festival earlier this summer along with two other guys, it's pretty much the same concept as Art Basel in Miami. All the work is located around St-Laurent between Sherbrooke and Mt-Royal.

Here is my album from the murals that were done that weekend.

MURAL FESTIVAL 2013 photos


Stikki Peaches


Two of my other favorite murals are this one from EL MAC which is located in Rosemont.

And Our Lady Grace in NDG from A'shop

Another massive one from A'shop

A few other cool ones that I've photographed mostly in the plateau

The Our Lady Grace one is by far my favorite work in the city, and after much asking around for the location, I'm finally going to see that El Mac Mural you posted this weekend. I didn't hear about Mural until the day after it ended and I've been kicking myself ever since. I'm guessing one of your friends is Yan? I met him a couple weeks ago, super nice guy, and I'm really excited for some of the names he's talking about bringing for next year.

It's so much fun to rent a Bixie up there and go hunting around for street art on sunny days, I'm going to try to squeeze in as much time doing that as I can this summer. There's also a guy named Cam Novak who has been doing guided street art tours on bicycle every two weeks if anyone's interested. Look him up on fb, or join the Street art in Montreal fb page for more info located here
A few fav's from my last trip digging in Mtl's alleys for treasure

^^ My new favorite work in the city by far, by El Mac 2011. Corner of Christophe Colombe & Rosemont.
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