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Free Dubfire @ New City Gas tickets ... hmmmm...
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Spin Laden
Free complimentary ticket to Dubfire tomorrow if you had already bought your BeB ticket

slow sales?

Valentines day + techno/tech house dj in a typically cheesy but cavernous club + Fri booking + cold ass Feb = free ticket ... or am I missing something?
Big Boss
Normally you could tell by the views on Wantickets, but some promoters know how to artificially inflate the numbers.

(Not saying that about this event).
As much as they would love to kick ass in that segment as well, Produkt has always struggled to host successful techno events if I remember correctly
especially at NCG… they usually relinquish acts like that to lounge.
Spin Laden
half full, perfect size for a proper experience there. Dubfire's trippy, twisted tech combined with those NCG LED lights made for a pretty stimulating combo. He is on his game again, will be interesting to see if he can mesh with Sharam again.
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