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Nuit Blanche
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I'm coming up to check it out for the first time Sat night. It's my first time, been meaning to check it out for a while though. Does anyone have any recommendations of must-see events?
Mutek 15x15

24h of vinyl at Bleury

SAT - 8bit event in the satosphere (360 projections)

I would check out the MAC. I think they have a cool concept with DJs and they show The clock in loop.

Art Souterrain: 7km of art in the montreal underground

Obviously you have to walk around the Place des Festivals site to see the projections and all the stuff going on there.

You need to be aware that there are huge line-ups everywhere though. I stopped doing the Nuit Blanche circuit a few years ago after I spent hours in the cold to get into museums and events one year. It's very popular. Although it's supposed to be -15 or colder so it might be better this year.

MTL en lumiere is also a big foodie festival so check out the events and eat like a king.

A few links:
Thanks for all the info! Very much appreciated, heading up soon to check it all out!
Ended up checking out Mutek 15x15 at 4am because I was curious to see the place. Managed to get in even though there was a huge line-up, dozens of cops controlling capacity (venue could hold 300-400 but more than 1900 people were attending on Facebook). Once inside, I liked the beat and visuals but quickly remembered why I usually avoid the all-night Nuit Blanche events: crowd is the worst! Young, drunk...just like Igloofest. Decided to check out Bleury, big line-up, so I went home.
Yeah I was kind of disappointed overall with the event itself. I went through the app in advance and found everything I wanted to see, plus the info you gave me, and found that anything that seemed like it might be cool had a huuuuge line. We were quoted 2 hrs wait for The Clock at MAC, so we backed out. The Old Port, which was highly recommended by several sites for the night, was one guy carving ice blocks. The center of the event was overrun with really annoying drunk kids. Several other art events we checked out were just disappointing. I ended up having a great time catching up with a friend I hadn't seen in a year while sitting on the couch downstairs at the MAC, so overall the night was great, but probably won't be checking out Nuit Blanche again.
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