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Roll Call : Guy J + Henry Saiz @ Temple
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Should be a treat hearing these two guys in one night!
Stereo been doing crazzyyy bookings.
Have you heard this one live yet Romchik?

I'm still waiting to hear it live, I probably won't though, as it was popular in his sets two years ago but not now :(

Spin Laden
buddy was saying it was incredible
One of the best nights @ stereo, will write a review tomorrow. Henry Saiz was all world good and so was Guy J.
hardcore trancer
Guy J played for 7 hours I heard?:eyes: How was the flow of his set? Last time I saw him there he had way too many breakdowns throughout his set, Just my opinion of course.:p Looking forward to the review.
If I am not mistaken he played from 6:30 am until 12:30 pm. Certainly music for the feet as I danced the entire time. Everyone I talked too enjoyed themselves. For me personally it was the best set I have heard since Digweed on Halloween. He came strong all night. A very big thank you to the stereo team for another great booking and to Guy J for his dedication to the craft. Can't wait for the next one!!!
What a night… It has exceeded in every way my expectations.
I arrived at the temple around 3:20ish and to my very big surprise it was pretty full. The crowed relatively young and Jesse Zotti was dropping some amazing progressive tracks. A very beautiful preview on what was going to come.
I’ve never seen a Henry Saiz live event, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. He arrived at the decks at around 4:20ish…. With a drummer! Basically all the bass came from the drummer for the first part of his set. It sounded BRILLIANTELY. There was no room for four play, he went straight to the action and banged the speakers like no other! He toyed so well with different sounds, dropped some mean drops. The crowed was LOVING IT and you saw that Henry was having more fun then anyone else. I guess that’s what happens when you hear yourself on those speakers. At some points, the music stopped completely before he started a new track as if it was a concert. People were clapping and whistling during those mini pauses, the energy was on point. What Henry played, was absolutely brilliant! Blew my mind away, and was a bit disappointed that he only played for 2 hours. Would of wanted him to stay for a few more for sure.
Now to the main course, Guy J. This was my 5th time seeing and what I love the most about this DJ , is that every time I hear him, he’s better. And as for Henry Saiz, Guy J started with a bang and didn’t around! That’s what I kind of disliked about Hernan, is that he started it of very very slowly. Guy J went straight to the point. He was ALL OVER THE PLACE. From the most beautiful melodies, to some banging techish sounds…. If you’re a progressive house fan, this set was your wet dream. Same goes for Guy J, he was smiling and vibing ALL night long. I stayed until 10:30 am thinking that he was going to be done soon but apparently he played almost till 1 pm… FML. Personally, I found that this event was way better then Hernan overall. Hope to see these DJs again, thank you very much Stereo for these amazing bookings. This will be a night to remember for quite some time. The last event where I had this much fun was during Digweed… Next event Sasha at the end of April, should be a good one.
Some of the tracks that blew my mind...

This is pretty much what Henry Saiz's set sounded like.

This as well!
awesome review - really wish I headed out for this - although I"m in ottawa - so the trek has problems - cause I don't have a car
Bus my good man, it stops 5 min walk from Stereo :)


Another phenominal track that was dropped.

Same for this, the place errupted !!!
Originally posted by Romchik22
Bus my good man, it stops 5 min walk from Stereo :)

will do next time - it doesn't help that I"m totally broke - but keep the forum updated with what's going on in town
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