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Free Richie Hawtin show tomorrow 5-7pm at Esplanade Place des Arts (outdoor)
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Just announced it on twitter and Facebook @ritchiehawtin
I was in the neighborhood so I checked in, same old boring Hawtin. 25 minutes of the same kick, rolling sub bassline and clap. Not a single note of melody heard..
I've never been a fan but I think it's cool that this took place
Richie played Richie music. Great turnout i'd guess 2000?? Too much bass for my taste though. Nice set-up although we couldn't see Richie he was at ground level. Disaster at the bar at the start, got better towards the end but honnestly they lost sales they just weren't ready, was poorly organized...Nice to have foodtrucks there on site close by.

Loved the event anyways. Montreal rocks. Mutek rocks. Redbull music academy rocks. DotUP parties are fun, glad I attended one.
Props to Richard, very generous, taking pictures with everyone, smiling, signing autographs.

Very tempted to go to his Enter mutek show tomorrow now!
I went to the Ableton seminar with him and then the Enter show at Metropolis. I enjoyed both. Also checked out thurs+fri free shows at Place des Arts, both were pretty nice but too bad not so many people were up to dance.
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