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Les Beaux Dimanches are back!
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Hey Guys!

Remember us from last year?

I won't post about it all summer but i figured one post would be in order to let you know we are back at the brand new Stereobar and this season will be even more crazy!

So here's the line-up for the first few weeks! we will be there every sunday rain or shine starting at 9pm!

This week: NOTV and friends!

This really is a good person that's anticipated to mature pertaining to. Asked about half a dozen years as soon as the champs category next season with no goal precisely how, wenger said desired the team in order to "from the bad periods continue to persist to acheive a good result".

Is this the same party that was at Kanalbar last year? I had a great time there. I liked the venue right by the river, hopefully Stereobar will be as good a host.
Yes it is
Yes it's the same party, different location.

Last year was great at Kanalbar but it had it's flaws too. Location was hard to access and it rained about 1 every two sunday. The inside was only decent to say the most.

Stereobar is easy access by the metro coming back from Piknic and the venue and the sound is just on another level!

Some of Montreal's hottest night in history we're held on sunday! There's something in the air on sunday night that creates a different kind of vibe!

Come and check it out.
Stereo bar is great....glad the younger generation gets to experience it like some of us did.

The old Venue at Kanal bar was priceless......had some big nights there....gem of a spot, also good timing last summer.
July Line-Up Is Out!!!

Once again awesome party last night with Monitor. Vibe was amazing. This is shaping up to be my favorite club night in town. More people every week. Probably 300 last night. Go check it out guys
Had a great time this past Sunday, my first time at the new bar. Joubin was good, whoever was right before him really hit the spot.
imagine music
That was me aka Mab Catz and my Partner Alex Gragnani. Thanks for the kind words. we both own the new imagine label and play once a month at Daome.

Anyone made it last Sunday? Was probably the best so far. Piknic was also awesome. Monitor owned that day big time
imagine music
A little taste of last sunday @ Stereobar

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