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IMAGINE - digital label from Montréal
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imagine music

Let me introduce the new digital Label from Montreal call: imagine.


We are very proud to present to you imagine’s first release.
Montreal’s Alex Gragnani with 2 productions, one of which is
remixed by germany’s duo, which we are proud to introduce, 2040.
The Bracelet brings you the classic melodic techno bassline.
Superposed melodies all come together with a sharp and crisp
high-hat smoothed out by loopy rhythmic vocals. The remix by
2040 takes you on a voyage with the trippy melody and muffed
bassline groove from the original. The B-Side features a down
tempo hypnotic track, bringing more the experimental side of Alex
Gragnani out. Alex Gragnani has releases on Mile End Records and
Yellowjax Recording.

We hope you like it - and if you do please include in your charts and radio shows!

You can go and listen to it over here:

We received great feedback from both local and international artist.


Frank Turgeon “Loving this!” Alex_Gragnani_-_The_Bracelet_Original_Mix rating: 5/5

Dj Chulatto “Cool track! Gritty bassline :-)” Alex_Gragnani_-_The_Bracelet_Original_Mix
rating: 4/5

Dan Curtin "Move me is pretty cool" Alex_Gragnani_-_Move_Me_Past_Myself_Original_Mix
rating: 3/5

Bleed “will review” Alex_Gragnani_-_The_Bracelet_Original_Mix
rating: 4/5

Marco Carola “downloaded for marco carola, thanks.” Alex_Gragnani_-_The_Bracelet_Original_Mix rating: 3/5

Kaa “Great release, will play The bracelet as its my favourite
here, a dancefloor ass shaker for sure” Alex_Gragnani_-_The_Bracelet_Original_Mix rating: 4/5

Andy Baxter : “Very tasty new sounding” Alex_Gragnani_-_The_Bracelet_Original_Mix
rating: 4/5

Luciano: “Hello Downloading for Luciano, Thanks for the music” Alex_Gragnani_-_Move_Me_Past_Myself_Original_Mix rating: 5/5

Cevin Fisher : “Great Job Here .. CFNYC” Alex_Gragnani_-_The_Bracelet_Original_Mix
rating: 4/5

Himbrecht : “Just what I needed, brilliant tunes! Love the original
Bracelet and the remix, thank you!” Alex_Gragnani_The_Bracelet_2040_remix rating: 5/5

Stacey Pullen “cool thanks” Alex_Gragnani_-_The_Bracelet_Original_Mix rating: 3/5

Cesar Bass Romero aka Simply “The Bracelet 2040 for me, very nice job..... will play for
sure ;)” Alex_Gragnani_The_Bracelet_2040_remix rating: 5/5

Kressel : “Cool release! Love the 2040 remix!” Alex_Gragnani_The_Bracelet_2040_remix rating: 4/5

Stephan Grondin : “full support on original mix” Alex_Gragnani_-_The_Bracelet_Original_Mix rating: 4/5

Neil Quigley: “Really like MMPM, very unique. Sounded like vinyl on
the wrong speed at first - which I liked! Alex_Gragnani_-_Move_Me_Past_Myself_Original_Mix rating: 4/5

François Lebaron : “The whole release is good and original ;)
I really like the 2040 remix as well as Move me past
myself!! Good job!” favourite track: Alex_Gragnani_-_Move_Me_Past_Myself_Original_Mix rating: 4/5

We have a lot more music coming your way from artist like Martinez, Monitor, Simply City, Chopin, Paskal Daze, Carlos Castano, Seychelle, Arstef etc.

Keep a eye on us! Next EP should be released by mid July!

Thank you for yor time!


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New EP out July 14th

imagine music
The Remix from Simply City on our new release available July 7th has been played by Nick Warren on John Digweed Transition radio show!

Listen to the full EP here:

Nick Warren Transition radio show:

this is the best label of all time
imagine music

Great support from Hernan Cattaneo! Out tomorrow on Beatport!
imagine music
We proudly bring to you imagine's third release. Monitor delivers a deep groovy track featuring vocal work from Lebaron. As for the remixers, Seychelle worked a dubby version of the original track and Alex Gragnani went for a more melodic approach yet loopy approach. Don't forget to put us in your charts and podcasts!

Early support by: Cevin Fisher, Maceo Plex / MAETRIK, Manny Ward, Martin Villeneuve, Stacey Pullen (official page), Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Mono-poly :: Dj & Producer, Kressel, DJ FADEL, Nymra & Sofisticated, Green & LaTeez Cesar Bass Romero and many more!

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