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Iceland is beautiful .... and expensive ;-)
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hello boys and girls, just wanted to share with you some of my pics from my quick get away to Iceland, which mind you they should change names with Greenland.

Once I finish writing the review I'll post a link, and holy cow this country is expensive.

hot link to the pics, so they are big (sorry) - and Happy Canada Day

Elaborate on "expensive", I've been tempted to go there the last year and a half but haven't gotten around to it yet
alright, just to give you an idea, the gas is around CDN 2.50 liter.

meals: if you want to have a decent dinner (fish, steak, lamb) that is going to cost you around CDN 25.00 to 30.00 / burger + fries and drink around CDN 20.00, and if you buy a sandwich at the supermarket it should be around CDN 10.00

beer is around CDN 10.00

then you have the accommodations, you can stay in a campground for 10 to 15 Euros or in a hotel for CDN 150.00+/night - you can always try to hostel of course.

car rental is not cheap either, and this is the best way to travel around (self drive tours). if you have time you might manage to save some money in accommodation and car rental - just make sure you know where you are going to stay.

The trip will be cheaper if you go with someone, I did it by myself.

said all that, I'm glad I decided to go to Iceland, spent 10 days, and no regrets even if I have to sell one of my kidneys now ;-)
^ Amen to all of that. Spent a week in northern Norway and northern Sweden. Lived off of frozen pizza's which wasn't that bad but got tiring after a while lol (Grandiose ftw). Alcohol nearly killed me in the wallet though. I was lucky enough to have stayed with friends so that cut down on my costs significantly (accommodation+travel).

They (Iceland/Norway) are beautiful countries just make sure you keep in mind you WILL be spending a ton of money.
nordic countries like norway/sweden/finland are big money. Everyone makes big coin. Its like going to fort mcmurray, but nice lol
Definitely worth visiting!!!
Both summer and winter offer different things/sights to see.
and why not more pictures for your entertainment until my review is done

Always been intrigued with places that have that sort of "edge of the world" kind of feel to them. Nice pictures man, post more!
come on man, you have to wait for the review to be ready .... here, read the one about Vietnam and Cambodia, this should keep you busy for a while ;-)

Vietnam and Cambodia
Originally posted by Patius
gas is around CDN 2.50 liter. 1.75

meals: if you want to have a decent dinner (fish, steak, lamb) CDN 25.00 to 30.00 19.00
/ burger + fries and drink around CDN 20.00, 10-13
sandwich at the supermarket it should be around CDN 10.00 5-7

beer is around CDN 10.00 6-7

campground for 10 to 15 Euros
hotel for CDN 150.00+/night. 100/night

Aside from the beer, those prices don't seem too bad, if I compare those with Holland/Germany then it's maybe a tad bit higher. Compared with Switzerland then a bit less maybe.
I love not having to think in CAD anymore haha

Maybe november I can take a long weekend to go

looks beautiful

thanks for sharing :)

will def go one day
Love all those colourful rooftops! Where is that?

Thanks for sharing, looking forward to the full review.
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