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Hernan b2b warren review
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Not good at reviews but ....

Nick warren does not age well haha.

Anyways nature of music started the night off and when I got there they were killing it ! Much better than for Sasha. I can never ID songs for so I can't really go on depth on track selections.

Hernan and warren come on, hernan got a damn haircut ! I enjoyed I believe 100% of there songs, didn't notice train wrecks either. Got in the club fast, bar staff was good, never really felt that hot but my friend mentioned he was sweating . I really enjoy going to ryze. Fav club show in a while and didn't want to leave. Hernans been 3/3 for me so far and I'll not miss his next outing.

The search for food didn't go well, ended up walking to Tims by mod club to get hash browns and egg bagels. Got home at 630 and sent to work at 10, still workin

Edit : their
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