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BPM Festival, Playa Del Carmen 2015
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any one planning on going? debating on going again.
so tempted but i dunno
Hey, I bought 2 tickets for BPM 2015 for my boyfriend and I. Unfortunately he just got his posting message (he's in the navy) and will be away during BPM. We bought the "Super Early Bird" tickets and are selling them for exactly what we bought them for if you're interested.
This festival is later and later in January every year. If only it was around new years...
Spin Laden
Jan 12-19th: very nice condo room with King size bed own bath avail, $500 USD, other room is two beds (occupied) by two cool peeps.

Message me if interested, it's only 11 min walk to Kool and Mamitas, 10 min to the nightclubs. And it's right beside the massive supermarket!
Just bought a plane ticket...!! Will be my first bpm ever! Jan 14-19.
I planning on going to outside.
Spin Laden
Originally posted by Passskal
Just bought a plane ticket...!! Will be my first bpm ever! Jan 14-19.

how was it for you? The three people on this forum want to know!
Hey guys,

Sorry haven't been here in a while.

Here's a full review from my first BPM, as I experienced it, from start to finish.

I arrived in Mexico only on Wednesday (middle of BPM) because I couldn't be away from home more than 6-7 days. I didn't mind that compromise because 10 days is too much for me I'm not very good at pacing myself and I didn't want to be sick for a month when I returned.

My BPM started off in the nicest way I can possibly imagine. I took a cab from the Cancun airport and went straight to Puerto Aventuras where a catamaran filled with about 60 people, mostly Montrealers, was ready to go on a 5-hour private cruise where Monitor played all day. The party was organized by Stereo, it was just perfect. Open bar, friendly staff, amazing set-up, only quality people. We even stopped for two hours to swim… I wish this cruise could have started at 8am and lasted 12 hours.

After the cruise, I settled into my villa where I lived with about 12 people. We were in Playacar Phase 2, our villa had a private pool , we went for the luxury set-up to make sure we enjoyed the time spent away from the club.

After the cruise we were on fire and headed out to Blue Parrot for the Cadenza party. Davide Squillace was setting things up nicely with some deep tech house grooves. The place was never too packed most people I think opted for the Paradise party with Jamie Jones, Lawler, Lee Foss, Eats Everything.. It was perfect like that.

I had heard so many great comments from Luciano's 2014 set, I was anxious to hear him play. He delivered a beautiful signature loopy & upbeat techno set, filled with classics and melodies. The most beautiful sunrise was seen that morning and tracks like Rise of Angel just added to the trip. My crew and I really ripped the dance floor apart until the end. 10AM - end of day 1.

On thursday we decided to go to Mamitas for the Candeza meets Planet E day party with Fanciulli, Carl Craig, Pullen, Moodyman, Luciano. At 3pm, the line-up was insane, sold out party.

I really didn't like that place. It was a bit too packed and filled with douches for my tastes. My back was hurting from the night before so dancing in the sand was a disaster. I heard Stacy Pullen's set, it was good, but all I wanted was to get out of there.

Techno was very dominant this year, from one party to the next, the music was always good.

After a quick nap at night, I woke up around 3am to head out to the Innervisions party at Blue Venado. It really is a commitment to go to that beach club. Complicated ride, and taxi drivers have gotten greedy over the years. We only made it inside at 5AM to a packed house and Dixon playing some great tracks as usual. The long ride was totally worth it, the place is really beautiful, right on the beach.

Right after we arrived, rumors started spreading that the club would close at 7am. We were pissed but decided to make the best of it.

This was the beginning of all the issues BPM had this year. I won't go into details because it's mostly speculation and rumors, but it seems that the authorities were screwing things up for BPM and for some reason requested that the parties closed earlier…. as for Blue Venado, they had big enough problems to cancel the last party of the week.

I hope that all this drama doesn't hurt made me wonder if the organizers or the government could decide to pull the plug in the near future. Hopefully they will work things out. It sucks because the festival is awesome and generates a huge amount of money with tourism during a normally low period of the year.

Back to the party review...

We quickly got over the big downer from the early close at Innvervisions, it was sunny and 30+, perfect weather for the much anticipated Solomun + Ame day party at Canibal Royal. By far my favorite venue and the best crowd I've seen all week. Such a sweet set-up and unique vibe that day.

The two of them delivered a memorable set, especially Solomun, he really is the Man. One of the current electronic music kings that's for sure. Most people would say that this was their favorite party all week.

With the tiny bit of energy I had left, that night I went to a small intimate party with all locals from Montreal playing: Monitor, Green & Lateez, Chopin, Peter anthony. It was on the terrace of a small restaurant. Once again, Montrealers delivered and we managed to create a packed dancefloor on the street as more strangers joined us because the energy was so good.

(During BPM, the noise on the street is ridiculous. Each small bar is playing as loud as they can and at times, the noise is just chaotic. There are tons of small parties everywhere even in the smallest pubs. )

That night I ended up skipping the Seth Troxler + Martinez Brothers party for a much needed full night of sleep.

I took it easy the next day because we were planning to go to Tenaglia all night. We knew it would be really packed so we decided to go to club Santarena at the D-Floor showcase with Leon, Pirupa and other really good London DJs. Not the best club and crowd but it was nice to try something else, indoors.

Around 3h30am we headed out to Blue Parrot for Tenaglia. Just as I expected he was playing some generic stuff. I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of Danny and I never understood the godlike status he gets in Montreal…love the man and his passion, just not into his sound for the most part.

Unfortunately, the party closed early at like 5 am…Danny was pissed and suggested on the microphone that they moved the festival to Acapulco lol.

It was obvious that the festival was getting screwed at that point. The next day Blue Venado was cancelled and Carola's party was also cut short.

So the ending of BPM was far from EPIC… and with everyone being tired, sketchy, pissed at the situation, the last night was way below expectations at Blue Parrot. With Blue Venado closed, they overpacked the place and everyone was aggressive. A real buzz kill… Probably a good thing because it made me sleep a few hours before leaving the next day. Plus I had had more than enough fun already!

So here it is. My 6-day, 2015 half-BPM review. Had a really good time overall, really glad I invested in a nice villa set-up ($7500 for 10 days divided by 12 ). The festival is really well organized, I'm not surprised they get 55,000 people now. And the line-up was unreal. Highly recommend you try this festival at least once.

Staying in a villa with a large group is not always easy to manage because not everyone is on the same beat but the key is to have a perfect crew with nice mature people that get along well and know what they're getting into.

Next time I would definitely love to go to Tulum after BPM. That place is so nice, kinda hippie, really nice beach and the parties seem totally different. I would highly recommend someone to extend their trip to spend a week there after BPM.

For those wondering, I had a weekend bracelet ($250) + tickets purchased in advance for Innervisions & Luciano, and paid a ridiculous amount of money to skip the line and get into Mamita's.
Spin Laden
great review!

Spin Laden
here's a solid one from Portugz, pretty good considering it was two years ago for himj. I'll post mine in a bit, written in different style for another reason lol

Originally posted by portugzMTL
You know what, I can give you a quick run down, because I probably owe you that at the least. lol

Honestly, BPM was a blast, I've been wanting to return year after year, but something always came up, and kept me & the gf from going again. I would like to say I'm going 100% in January, every January, but only time will tell. Seriously, one of my favourite trips ever, to date.

First off, not doing the "All-Inclusive" Thing worked out amazingly for me ( I HATE all inclusive). Paid around 600-650 for a hotel room with a Kitchen for 21 days in PRIME location - it was the deal of the century. Wasn't a brand new place, but clean, functional, and LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. Was a 5-10 minute walk to Mamita's. I was on 10th ave, one street off 5th ave (main street). We ate in mostly local joints, rather than the tourist traps, although some very good places on 5th ave as well. Shopped at Wal-Mart a few times, alcohol was dirt cheap. First grocery stop on the first night of the trip was a disaster, left with like 60 cans of beer, 2 750mls of rum, 1 litre of vodka, butter, sliced cheese, cold cuts,a loaf of bread, load of fruits and juice- we were in an altered state of mind, so you could tell easily by our cart what priority was. DId I mention it was only me and my gf……...

Taxi rides - dirt cheap, although we mostly walked. Took a private ride from the airport, rather than bus, cost around 120$ with return trip included. Got to the hotel slightly drunk from the get-go, as we can drink in the Taxis.

10 day Bracelet - For me, a must. Yes it cost $550 each. But man, did I save money, time, and had a better overall trip because of it. No being stuck at a party, if your not feeling it. Meeting friends whenever and wherever they were, no hassle. Sold out parties, with massive crowds outside: (ex: Circo Loco) literally lifted our arms in the crowd flashing out bracelets, and bouncers PUSHED through the crowds to come bring us into the parties Countless rebates in bars/restaurants/stores just for wearing the damn thing. I would never go without, I'm fully behind the BPM bracelet. Easily bouncing from party to party, seeing whatever DJ I felt like seeing.

… That's when you realize, holy is a 10 day festival difficult. You tell yourself, pace yourself, pace yourself… How the hell can you pace yourself when there's a sick DJ playing anywhere around the city at ANY time? My GF couldn't keep up. I ended a lot of parties completely alone, with random people from around the world, or Montreal Friends while she headed home. lol After some time, I had to do some parties completely sober, I couldn't handle it anymore, but just could NOT miss out. I partied till closes on Redbull and Pineapple juice. lol

As for the parties, nothing bad I could say, I had fun at all of them, although some could get a bit crowded. To be honest, my biggest downfall of the trip, believe it or not, was ART DEPARTMENT. I got so ing fed up of seeing and hearing of them, they literally, pissed me off. Art Department became synonymous with Annoyance for me. They had SO many parties, so many guest slots, even the closing party where Danny Tenaglia was supposed to headline (Flyers had DTs name in BIG, first, Art Department, in smaller under) he played a 2 hour SET, and they played the whole rest of night. That was the last straw. I left the CLOSING party early, I couldn't handle them anymore. This is probably gonna get me some heat, because they have so many fanboys, but I refused to attend any party they spin at due to this trip. lol I was told they had so many spots because they are extremely close/good friends of the BPM organizers.

I only went to 2 indoor parties, but didn't enjoy it so much. It's january. It's beautiful outside, why am I gonna spend my time indoors, in crowded spaces?? I saw Moudaber/Calderone, left early cause it was crowded and indoors… and I also saw Carlo Lio in the underground water cave restaurant (Cenotes), but left cause I had another party I wanted to hit, don't remember which.

I'm leaving out quite of bit of stuff, as well as stories ;), but I gotta go do some stuff. lol Anyways, I'm fully behind BPM. Perfect timing during our winter, great variety of parties,all in all, not too expensive. A blast I want to repeat every year!
Originally posted by Spin Laden
here's a solid one from Portugz, pretty good considering it was two years ago for himj. I'll post mine in a bit, written in different style for another reason lol

Thanks for posting it in a more appropriate spot! lol Man, what the hell is going on with this place? Who's gonna clean up all those random threads??
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