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Roll Call : Digweed @ Stereo
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This one is going to be beyond epic.
Spin Laden
I hope so :p
Will do my best to be there, but can't promise anything

It's gonna be a great might for sure
Brent Hayward
Anyone needing hard tickets for John Digweed at Stereo Sunday night, hit up or text 416-989-7454 to get sorted out!
White Label Promo is your offical Toronto Point of sale for Stereo Montreal.
See you on the dancefloor!
wheres sasha at ?
Last minute decision... I *might* be heading over from Toronto for this. ;)
will most likely be comming from quebec city for this one so pls Groove it up :D
Spin Laden
Another amazing set from him, much more prog, more twisted and dreamy tracks, still dark and sinister at times and other times just flat out smooth deep tech. Great pacing, this set was more of a journey than last year's relentless attack i thought. Place was jammed, he played from about 5-1245. Man is incredible.

great seeing Oki and Oldskool :toocool:
Any more reviews?
hardcore trancer
yes yes more reviews please.:D

((((Digweed)))), WOW!
I love you stereo for just allowing DJ's to express themselves to us. Last night was another one of those trips I made that was worth every penny, maybe 5 or 6, but worth it every time. Everything Spin said was on target, but I mind the last two three hours, was just incredible. The progs were sooooo beautiful. It seem that all my prog heroes tend to just get better with age, and this was just another example. The whole set was like a dreamy set which of like Cattaneo, but more underground in the melodic part. To hear gridlock, made me think of one of my favourite remix by saiz and only to came this conclusion for stereo to showcase jimmy sometime in the near future. One personal request I have is that I hope this was recorded for his Live Series, so that I can relive that moment again and again. Thank you John and Thank you Stereo for the wonderful night, morning and afternoon us trio had as we partied at St Laurent for a few hours being sharked at :clown:, to the trip at |||stereobar||| to catch a bit of Henry Saiz, than the walk up to the stair to hear tone warm us up perfectly for what would be one of the best journey I have ever got to witness what I love most, groove and melodic, and again to |||ostrich||| again showing why you are one of my fav local dj from mtl, LOVE YOU MTL.
Can anyone give any IDs, at all?

Just on the off-chance that they might include some of the blissful dreamy stuff he was playing within the last few hours.

Unbelievable stuff!!
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