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Bal en Blanc 2015 - En vente samedi 17 janvier
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Le 21e Bal en Blanc s'en vient! Toutes les infos seront dévoilées d'ici peu. En attendant, fiez-vous aux communiqués officiels. / The 21st edition of Bal en Blanc is coming! Details to be published shortly. Meanwhile, please rely on the official the press releases.

Pour lire le premier communiqué, cliquez ici. / To read the our first press release, click here.
Bell Centre for Bal en Blanc? I see 2 potential problems with this plan.

1. Capacity.

In recent years, BeB has averaged around 15,000 attendees. The maximum capacity for a concert at the Bell Centre is 15,000 and the majority of those will be in the stands. I've been to plenty of raves at the Bell Centre dating back to 2001 and even when there were 7,000 people, the dance floor was pretty packed. And I would say that about half those people were in the stands.

Will Playground Productions limit ticket sales? Resolution 2007 was at the bell centre and had 8,500 attendees and people said it was too crowded. They were even being denied access to the dance floor due to overcrowding. So...10,000 max for bal? Lose 33% revenue from the previous year? Don't forget fire hazards like BeB 2007 when people who bought tickets were denied entry!

Here's the Resolution 2007 review thread

2. DJ's

The great thing about previous BeB was that you had choices of music genres that you wanted to hear. Trance? There's a room for that. Techno/house? There's a room for that. It was great to have variety, to walk between rooms and see what was going on. Now don't get me wrong, the Bell Centre is a great venue, but how are they going to organize the dj's so that people enjoy the music?

Obviously for the noobs, anything will sound great (just like it was for me when I first got into the scene). But after a few years, you develop a certain taste and that's what Bal had going for it, it catered to everyone without subjecting them to music genres they weren't into. Here's a prediction for a lineup

2 locals
2 of these: Calvin Harris/Avicci/Tiesto/Hardwell/Guetta/Armin
Markus Schulz
Nicole Moudaber

Anyways that just about sums it up for me. I realize that palais du congres was unavailable Easter weekend but why not just have it the following week on the Saturday?

EDIT: just noticed they're selling bleacher tickets for $59 and dancefloor tickets for $99-$149. So I'm guessing we're all getting bracelets?
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