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Movement 2015, who's going?
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Place is dead, makes me sad…

Anyone going?
Anyone been?

Spin Laden
I'm still waiting for yours and Passkal's reviews of BPM, 2013 and 2015 respectively :p

I'm hoping to hit bowel Movement, that Phase 1 lineup, plus it's driveable to and (somewhat) fro and $150 three-day pass makes for a great bang for your buck festival.
I went in 2012 and had a ing blast. I spent the whole time at the 'Made in Detroit' stage, all the Detroit DJs playing vinyl, house dancers everywhere.. the vibe was dope as hell. Good after parties.. the whole weekend cost me only $500 hotel weekend pass spending money and rental car. Highly recommend it..
Originally posted by Spin Laden
I'm still waiting for yours and Passkal's reviews of BPM, 2013 and 2015 respectively :p

I'm hoping to hit bowel Movement, that Phase 1 lineup, plus it's driveable to and (somewhat) fro and $150 three-day pass makes for a great bang for your buck festival.

You know what, I can give you a quick run down, because I probably owe you that at the least. lol

Honestly, BPM was a blast, I've been wanting to return year after year, but something always came up, and kept me & the gf from going again. I would like to say I'm going 100% in January, every January, but only time will tell. Seriously, one of my favourite trips ever, to date.

First off, not doing the "All-Inclusive" Thing worked out amazingly for me ( I HATE all inclusive). Paid around 600-650 for a hotel room with a Kitchen for 21 days in PRIME location - it was the deal of the century. Wasn't a brand new place, but clean, functional, and LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. Was a 5-10 minute walk to Mamita's. I was on 10th ave, one street off 5th ave (main street). We ate in mostly local joints, rather than the tourist traps, although some very good places on 5th ave as well. Shopped at Wal-Mart a few times, alcohol was dirt cheap. First grocery stop on the first night of the trip was a disaster, left with like 60 cans of beer, 2 750mls of rum, 1 litre of vodka, butter, sliced cheese, cold cuts,a loaf of bread, load of fruits and juice- we were in an altered state of mind, so you could tell easily by our cart what priority was. DId I mention it was only me and my gf……...

Taxi rides - dirt cheap, although we mostly walked. Took a private ride from the airport, rather than bus, cost around 120$ with return trip included. Got to the hotel slightly drunk from the get-go, as we can drink in the Taxis.

10 day Bracelet - For me, a must. Yes it cost $550 each. But man, did I save money, time, and had a better overall trip because of it. No being stuck at a party, if your not feeling it. Meeting friends whenever and wherever they were, no hassle. Sold out parties, with massive crowds outside: (ex: Circo Loco) literally lifted our arms in the crowd flashing out bracelets, and bouncers PUSHED through the crowds to come bring us into the parties Countless rebates in bars/restaurants/stores just for wearing the damn thing. I would never go without, I'm fully behind the BPM bracelet. Easily bouncing from party to party, seeing whatever DJ I felt like seeing.

… That's when you realize, holy is a 10 day festival difficult. You tell yourself, pace yourself, pace yourself… How the hell can you pace yourself when there's a sick DJ playing anywhere around the city at ANY time? My GF couldn't keep up. I ended a lot of parties completely alone, with random people from around the world, or Montreal Friends while she headed home. lol After some time, I had to do some parties completely sober, I couldn't handle it anymore, but just could NOT miss out. I partied till closes on Redbull and Pineapple juice. lol

As for the parties, nothing bad I could say, I had fun at all of them, although some could get a bit crowded. To be honest, my biggest downfall of the trip, believe it or not, was ART DEPARTMENT. I got so ing fed up of seeing and hearing of them, they literally, pissed me off. Art Department became synonymous with Annoyance for me. They had SO many parties, so many guest slots, even the closing party where Danny Tenaglia was supposed to headline (Flyers had DTs name in BIG, first, Art Department, in smaller under) he played a 2 hour SET, and they played the whole rest of night. That was the last straw. I left the CLOSING party early, I couldn't handle them anymore. This is probably gonna get me some heat, because they have so many fanboys, but I refused to attend any party they spin at due to this trip. lol I was told they had so many spots because they are extremely close/good friends of the BPM organizers.

I only went to 2 indoor parties, but didn't enjoy it so much. It's january. It's beautiful outside, why am I gonna spend my time indoors, in crowded spaces?? I saw Moudaber/Calderone, left early cause it was crowded and indoors… and I also saw Carlo Lio in the underground water cave restaurant (Cenotes), but left cause I had another party I wanted to hit, don't remember which.

I'm leaving out quite of bit of stuff, as well as stories ;), but I gotta go do some stuff. lol Anyways, I'm fully behind BPM. Perfect timing during our winter, great variety of parties,all in all, not too expensive. A blast I want to repeat every year!
^ That was an awesome review.
Nice Review Steveo! Always wanted to go check out BPM.

Went to Movement last year, the line up was nuts.....had the VIP bracelets well worth it for the extra 100 bucks in my opinion. In the ten + years I've been going out, I'd say the best Event I've been too and I have seen almost everybody.

Booked movement 2015 again this year, thing is you gotta book your hotels very early on, we rebooked after leaving last year.

Porter airlines is having a seat sale until March 31st. Montreal - Windsor, ON is 285.00 all in.
40 dollar cab ride into downtown Detroit and you pass customs in the Cab.
Flying in is perfect....leave Montreal by 2:30, arrive at 6 pm.
On the way back last year I saw with Richie Hawtins entire crew, they shared some entertaining stories the whole flight back.

Detroit is a solid festival, book it - you will have a blast and the after parties are nice and sketchy, great vibe in the city for the whole 3 days.
I booked! I guess I'll be seeing you there too!! lol
Where you staying? I had to book at the Mariott Renaissance, stuck to the festival. Everything seems to be completely sold out, AirBnB is at $600 a night lol.

I'm gonna check out the flights, seems like a pretty damn good deal. We were gonna drive.
did you hit any after parties, and or after-after parties??
We are staying at the Detroit Regency, its a motel about a 10 minute walk from the festival. Porters seat sale finishes the tomorrow. Keep in touch Steveo and we link up once we all arrive in Detriot.

After parties, yeah every day, Old Miami was super fun, and a couple after parties. there is a lot of them going on, must do.
I went in 2013. After(-after) parties are a must! I suggest you figure out which one you want to go and buy your tickets early!

I had the VIP tickets and it was the best decision... No wait to enter, huge VIP area with bathrooms, bars, etc.

I was at the Mariott too (booked around the same time as you), not the best hotel but the location is excellent. Didn't sleep much anyway, so it wasn't a big deal. Avoid room service food though. Some friends of mine book the double tree every year which is excellent but a bit further from the festival. They book for the next year at checkout to be sure :P

Have fun!!!

Spin Laden
70/30 now
Ah Nice Mr. Spin Laden will be making the trip.....,,,Me & OldSchool are confirmed.
Do it!
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