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What are you guys listening to these days?
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Johnny Jon
Between two techno/deep house tracks, i sometimes slip in a Captain & Tenille or foreigner track.

Edit: "Even the nights are better" from Air supply, thats my jam.
Spin Laden
Lots of Solomon and Soul Button, Green Velvet. Watch his Tomorrowland set off YouTube, looks lice a messy good time on there. Lots of Beyer
Johnny Jon
Yeah I'm hoping for Beyer and Solomon to be back in town for november/december. Solomon last year @ stereo was something. Not that into melodic techno/melodic "deep house" (im seriously confused with the contemporary labeling) but yeah Soul Button and the rest of the steyoyoke folks are putting out some pretty good stuff.
Been enjoying a lot of the heavier techno sound : Tommyfourseven, Rodhad, klock , Dettman...

Also became a big fan of Black Coffee.. The guy is amaaazing.
Johnny Jon
Looking forward to Rodhad next thursday. Wouldn't mind having Zadig back in town.

Have you checked Arnaud Le Texier and Joachim Spieth? If you're into the heavy content, you might dig what these gentlemen put out.
Don't know them, but definitly will check them out :)

Johnny Jon
Le Texier's podcasts are :).

Dig some of the bombs GV drops in his tomorrow land set. That Kerberos track though. From a dude who's not that into the melodic stuff, Stephan Bodzin and Marc Romboy needs to happen in a near future. So yeah, i'm full of and did catch the melodic bug.

Otherwise I listen to a lot dub tech these days. Route 8, Evigt Morker, dvdub, Sven Weisemann (mixes and podcasts), etc. Goes well with the season.
As for melodic prog, Gai Barone has been releasing some massssiivveee sets on his podcast. Strongly recommend!
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