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'toronto night clubs have a problem with racist door policies'
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article by thump, only posting because coda was mentioned lol.

'Even if you make it past the door however, racial profiling can continue to impact partygoers inside venues. In February, Detroit-raised, Toronto-based DJ Antwon Faulkner was watching Robert Hood play at CODA, when security shone a flashlight on him and started grabbing at his pockets.

"He's asking me 'Where is it? You must be a magician.' I'm feeling really uncomfortable and everyone is looking at me wondering what the hell is going on," he told THUMP. "I just came to hear my man Robert play and all of a sudden I'm getting treated like a drug dealer. I felt like I was singled out because I was the only black guy up there. I don't do drugs, I don't smoke weed, I rarely drink. I told him the only drug I sell is coming out of the speakers right now and it's called Detroit techno."

Faulkner later reached out the club's owners hoping for an apology, but never heard back from them, which inspired him to write a song called "Revenge" about the experience (the track builds around a vocal sample asking "Am I hurting you?"). He hasn't been back to CODA since. '

how can you kick a black guy out for listening to black music ?!

edit: i was almost thrown out because i stood up to some meat head who had the bouncers on his nuts... he was picking on some small dude cuz he tried talking to a girl he knew LOL
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