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I know for some this subject might be a bit coarse, but I've learned it's a problem for more people than just myself, so..

Misophonia, literally "hatred of sound", was proposed in 2000 as a condition in which negative emotions, thoughts, and physical reactions are triggered by specific sounds.

Is anyone else here affected by certain sounds this way?

For me the sounds that really just almost get me into fight or flight mode are chewing sounds with the mouth open (that is still a thing here), scratching dry skin with nails, scratching a dry scalp (which my coworker does all the time), all kinds of saliva-y mouth sounds, whispered singing (which another coworker does a lot), or that huge "ahhhhh" sound some people make after they have a sip of water, coffee, etc.

The difficult part is that there are people who you can't ask to stop making these sounds or to eat with their mouth shut, like people you're just getting to know or who you're just not on that level with. I've occasionally resorted to facepalming in frustration, but it doesn't seem to help. It can quickly give the impression you're either really battling with something internal or that you're having a hard time downing your lunch, and that makes you the weird person at the table.

People who eat with their mouth open also seem to have no trouble speaking with food in their mouths, in my experience. For these people a half-chewed pickle slice, covered in their saliva on the table, is nothing weird. There's also a super obnoxious guy in the office who eats breath mints through-out the whole day, and he reeeaaally sucks on the mint; I mean really. To the point where he lets out an accidental screeching sounds with his mouth. At some point, where I guess he has to open his mouth for air, he lets out a huge k'thonk sound and I can almost hear the mint bounce around in his mouth. He then proceeds to either suck a little more or crack the mint with his teeth, chewing the rest of it with his mouth open.

The most unfortunate case is our cats though. They often nestle up next to me and start their washing routine. Every time they open their mouth to take another lick they make a sound like someone is chewing a piece of pancake with their mouth open. And these aren't your average cats; the rate must be around 100 licks per minute. The soundscape of a cozy evening on the sofa with the cats is often tormenting.

I know I can't control the sounds people or animals make and ultimately I am the one who should change here and not be so sensitive about it, but my internal reaction is not voluntary. Often the best choice is to put on headphones, but even that has its limitations. People won't really think you value their company if you have lunch with them with your headphones on.

How can I cope? What will help, TA?
At what point does a sound become legitimately horrible, though? The squeak of polystyrene foam, for example, feels like someone rubbing a nail file against the surface of my brain. But I'm pretty sure that's a genuinely unpleasant noise.
oh man, i didn't realize there was a term for this. i have this with two things that i know of.

its a type of material i forgot the name of, it used to be on my old agenda it was this type of plastic, reflective. i don't remember the specific plastic used

theres also lululemon bag the whole thing is made out of drives me freaking nuts.

happens if i hear someones fingers running over said materials or i touch it. immediately causes a reaction, usually get goosebumps all over and just makes me feel super uncomfortable. the sound is like nails on a chalkboard to me

i usually have to get away not to hear it, or just tell said person to cut that .

you're pretty ed since its triggered by pretty common events, mine are fortunate enough they're rare and doesn't happen often. go see a doctor lol
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