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Friday 168: That's A Lot of Fridays
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Hard to believe this is 168...we're passing our lives away, one Friday thread at a time. This has been The Week That Will Not End (TM) for some reason. I think it's probably been mostly normal, but some extra work-related stuff on top of mental exhaustion has just made it feel never ending.

This was also the first week in months that my wife did not have 4 or 5 trips to the doctor/hospital for treatments and/or follow up appointments. We're still waiting for the results of her last PET scan, and the 25th is still the earliest appointment the oncologist has available. She felt a little better this week and got in some activities that she's either not had time for or not felt like doing since February, basically. It's nice to see her have the time and energy to do something as mundane as "routine tasks".

No weekend plans for me/us. We plan to finish up the series Longmire on Netflix (2 episodes left) this weekend, and of course I will have to mow the 2 acre "palatial estate" here. :whip:
Silky Johnson
Funny how when you lose control of major areas of your life, you begin to cherish the mundane, haha. Glad to hear your wife had the time and energy to enjoy!

Maybe hit up the beach this weekend, otherwise nothing planned.
Beaches in Canada?! Surely you jest! :o
Silky Johnson
Indeed I do not! Home to the longest freshwater beach in the world!
Does it have used needles? I'm only showing up if we have needles.
Silky Johnson

I didn't notice any last time I was there, but I wasn't looking so who knows!
Check the soles of your feet/beach shoes. :o
Doug the Head: We've got white, sandy beaches.

Cousin Avi: So! Who the wants to see them?
i'll go plant my used needles that i use to inject drugs into my vein
Tomorrow another visit to my wife's sister and family just above Amsterdam.
A bit of a pity as there is a festival with Above&Beyond and Tocadisco very nearby, which I thought could be fun to watch. I still could go on Sunday to see... Steve Oakie...
So on Sunday I'll watch football and Le Tour and do a lot of nothing.

Still want to listen some Luminosity sets as they meanwhile put 47 online:

Korea has been nothing short of amazing. I can't get enough of the fact that I'm spending the week in Gangnam, of all places, and tomorrow I'll visit the DMZ.

Today I intend to get lost around the city because I can't think of a better way to be surprised and learn the language. I hope I don't break any laws :p
Can you grab a souvenir for me when no one looking? Sometimes light like a political poster would be great.
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