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Most (and Least) Desirable Neighbourhoods in the GTA? (pg. 3)
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thornhill is nice :D
Originally posted by Pettiscool
you burbs kids dont know about toronto.....

Agree, jane and finch my ass, why dont you come down to region park and see how you do.
Worst neighborhood would prolly be anywhere around CZ....but ssauga is def one of the better places to raise a family...:thepirate
Originally posted by Funkyfun
Worst neighborhood would prolly be anywhere around CZ....but ssauga is def one of the better places to raise a family...:thepirate

Yeah, as long as you can afford to do lots of driving :)
Chris T. Dot
I live in Scarlem. It kinda sucks. But Pickering, Ajax, Aurora are all very nice. The people I know from university who come from there are awesome. Woodbridge is full of attitude, so stay away from there. Rosedale is snobby kids with crack addictions cuz they can afford it. Mississauga has a lot of nice people from my experience. Markham is ok. Richmond Hill....sure.
My theory goes like this.

Say the GTA goes from Oshawa to Oakville.

The level of snobbiness seems to decrease the further east you go.

Oakville and Woodbridge being the worst.

This may not be a coincidence. In urban studies i learned that most of the working class lived in the east end of town since the wind blew all the smoke from west to east. The richest communities were always on the west side since they didnt get any of the pollution.

(if you think pollution is bad now try living 100 years ago)
Markham= Chinese
Everything else chinese =:mad:

I live in woodbridge, never had any problems here. May be b/c I don't really hang out with ppl here. Anyways, even the worst area in TO is nothing compared to the marginal Moscow suburbs.
Originally posted by dEsidEL

and yeah i agree.. don't raise them in Markham !!


lol... you do realize I was just kidding with markham and mississauga. How can I not live there... they're my pplz yo!!
I gotta rep Forest Hill... gorgeous houses, nice clean and safe neighborhood, with lots of bars/restaurants/shops/crap in close proximity.

I prefer living in the city, so for me anything north of Eglinton, west of bathurst, or east of leslie is no good :p

Originally posted by Tordan

lol... you do realize I was just kidding with markham and mississauga. How can I not live there... they're my pplz yo!!


Councillor's comments cause concern
Ward 39's Mike Del Grande worries about 'white people' leaving community

Dec. 29, 2004

Ward 39 Councillor Mike Del Grande (Scarborough-Agincourt) worries that "white people" are leaving his northwest Scarborough ward, and maintains a list of suspected rooming houses, grow houses and bylaw violations in the form of a ward-wide "census" of single family homes.

"What's happening here is a lot of the white people are moving out," said Del Grande, during a recent tour of his ward with a Mirror reporter. Del Grande agreed to the tour after raising concerns about the assessment he'd received in The Mirror's recent city council report card. He made the comment outside one suspected marijuana grow house after the reporter noted the large suburban home had a Neighbourhood Watch sign in its front window.

During the two-hour tour, the councillor, elected for the first time in 2003, visited sites where he'd had an impact in 2003, focusing on community benefits received from developers, work that he'd done to improve local parks, and work he'd done to root out marijuana grow operations in suburban houses.

Del Grande's ward includes a large Chinese-Canadian population (43.3 per cent of the ward is of Chinese origin, according to 2000 census data posted on the City of Toronto's website).

When asked a short time later to explain his apparent perception that there is a race relations problem in his ward, Del Grande said: "There's two types of Chinese in this neighbourhood. There's the Hong Kong Chinese and there's the mainland Chinese and the Hong Kong Chinese are having trouble with the mainland Chinese. So it's not even white and Chinese. It's Chinese and Chinese. So there's a tension and Hong Kong Chinese are moving out. That's the irony here."

And he concluded:

"But most people don't care what's next door, Jamaican, Filipino, as long as they maintain their property...and they don't cause a lot of problems and have respect for each other, that's the key point," he said.

Dr. Ming-Tat Cheung, chair of the Chinese Cultural Centre, said he was "very disappointed" with Del Grande's comments.

"I think he has to learn the multicultural makeup of this community. He has to try to understand as a leader of the community he should try to resolve the problem and not incite the problem - make more problems," said Cheung.

"But saying that people who are white are moving out and Chinese people are moving in - I wouldn't want to use the word racism, but it's shortsighted to think that only the white people are Canadians and everybody else is an outsider," he added. "That's something that's been happening in the past. It's not well received."

Cheung also disagreed with Del Grande's assertion that Chinese-Canadians from mainland China have problems with those from Hong Kong, or vice versa.

"I think there is some cultural background differences between people from Hong Kong and China, but I think their goals are the same - trying to have a good life in Canada - and I think there might be some disagreements but overall I think Hong Kong people and Chinese people are working well together," he said.

On issues of property standards, Del Grande revealed that he had over the summer paid three summer students to observe every single family house in the ward. He showed the reporter the resulting chart that he said he carries with him, showing addresses and a checklist of suspected problems: overgrown grass, trees that need trimming, illegally-widened driveways and homes that showed signs of being illegal rooming houses or grow houses.

When asked if his constituents might not be disturbed at having their homes observed so closely, Del Grande responded: "If somebody calls to complain about their neighbour, I the way, you got a widened driveway which is illegal as you're breaking the law as much as the other guy. You want to proceed? I'll proceed."

Del Grande is, however, proactive on many property standards issues. He said he travels around his ward with a pair of binoculars and a digital camera, monitoring suspected illegal grow houses and also keeping an eye on houses that he suspects are illegal rooming houses.

"What I do is I get a camera and a pair of binoculars...I just literally drive by continually," he said.

Del Grande has also begun a much-publicized process of putting a sign up on the lawns of grow houses once the police have busted them. He dismissed concerns that doing so affects property values of the surrounding homes.

"The issue is we don't put them up forever - just for two to five days, saying we got rid of this," he said.

Del Grande also raised concerns that too many of the homes in the ward are tenant-occupied rather than owner-occupied. He said that his goal for the community is to have more homeowners move in.

"What I want at the end of the day is I want people to move into the neighbourhood and not move out of the neighbourhood," he said. "I think that tells the story...There are a lot of vacant homes. This area seems to be predominantly lots of absentee landlords, lots of rentals."


lol.. apparently you're not the only one who thinks so ..

Most desirable would be Riverdale (Pape to Broadview, south of the danforth)or Beaches

Least desirable anything just east or west of Parliment, worked in the area but would never wanna live there :nervous: :nervous:
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