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Pioneer 909
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Hello guys i just need a little help on figuring out what Mixer i should get with the 2 CDJs800 That ill be getting.. i was heading more towards the Pioneer 909 but i heard its mostly for Hip Hop djs and since Im more into trance then im in a dilemma . What Mixer do you guys have in mind with the CDJs 800?

Or should i just hang myself and go for the Pioneer 909
DJ 00 Tommy
All though iv never used a 909 heaps of people have said its great because the faders and eqs are all top notch. If you try search you should be able to find some info on here.
the 909 looks excellent, but if your spinnin trance maybe an xone way the 4 band eq's would suit you better! iv got a nuo 5, but personnaly if i was to spend that amount of money again id maybe go for the new Rane 3 channel rotary way an efx! a bit more expensive but it does look crackin!

the 909 is a good all-round mixer though so it would still be suited for playin trance
You can mix just fine on the 909, but I think its overpriced. Might look at a four channel mixer like the Nuo 4 or 5.
the 909 is best suited and aimed at scratch dj's . Eddie Halliwell uses it. so unless your playing style is similar to his i would advise againts it. 4 channel mixer is much better imo
Pioneer DJM3000 if you wanna have more sound effects.
Well the 909 was designed as a scratch mixer it is basicly a 2 channel mixer with a load of effects built into it. The faders and everything are all top notch in that you can edit the way they work in order to better suit ur style. Im currently using the younger brother of the 909 the 707 which is a class mixer. The method in which i mix is closer to halliwells thus i went for more of a scratch mixer but i could imagine it for mixing trance. Also the way the efects are incorperated into the mixer allow for allot of creative elements to be added should you be looking to go into that later on. Im actually thinking of getting a 909 just becouse of the posibilitys that it opens up. If ur just going to be using 2 decks id suggest the 909 but if you want to add stuff later on and dont plan on doing anything to fancy the mxier perhaps it would be worth it getting a 4 channel mixer. Also one of the things people dont consider when buying equipemnt is how it relates to the club their going to be playing in. If ur not bringing ur own mixer along and its allot differnt fromt he club set up their can be a bit of a learning curve. Iv been lucky in that iv developed using a variety of mixers. Thus iv grown used to the mixers in clubs as well as the ones that iv had at home. But still if ur gonna be getting the 909 inless ur bringing it to the club the skills that u get using the effects will probly be useless when playing out.
909 is mint. Everything is as smooth as possible, nice clear clean top quality audio. Send/Recieve even if there are effects built into the mixer (Xone doesn't include send/recieve). It'll surley do trance. The EQ are the best thing on the mixer :wtf:

Besides the crossfader :eyespop:
iv havent been on the 909, but apparently the effects are awesome! much better than that of a 600 or the nuo 5. but as i said i havent had the pleasure of mixin on one yet ;)

Originally posted by SpecRadio (Xone doesn't include send/recieve).
Whaaaaa? My 92 has two, count 'em, two Send/Returns.

Having said that, the 909 is an excellent mixer, suitable for any type of music/mixing. It is a bit pricey, though. But it sure is fun to use.
Originally posted by Trogdor
Whaaaaa? My 92 has two, count 'em, two Send/Returns. bad. I meant to put on the 62 and lower :p
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